What are some common hurdles faced in dissertation writing for MA students

What are some common hurdles faced in dissertation writing for MA students

Writing a MA dissertation is nothing like walking in the park and enjoying the vibe. It is a very time taking and complex process that needs serious attention and full-time. However, everyone must keep this point in their mind as all five fingers are not equal, same as, all students don’t have the same intelligence and smartness. Some students are very sharp and pick everything up so quickly, however, on the other hand, some students are very slow learners and get depressed by seeing complex tasks. 

For all students, it is much more important to pay attention to MA education dissertation titles and carry out in-depth research as per their capabilities. However, every student thinks differently and can face lots of problems. Here we are going to unfold some common hurdles students face in dissertation writing

Here we have listed down some common issues and huddles that students might face while working on a dissertation. We have suggested some guidelines that will help you go through all possible hurdles in a very smooth way.

Creating an impressive thesis statement:

This is the most common mistake that almost every other student made. Once you select an MA education dissertation topic, now this is much more important to write a very accurate and impressive thesis statement. Basically, a thesis statement helps to describe the main purpose and aim of your entire research. However, this is the very important part as it gives shape to your entire research. 

However, in order to write it properly all students must have to consider these points,

  • It should have an exact focus point.
  • This should be discussable and debatable. 
  • It should have a broad focus.
  • This must be based on strong logic.
  • Set an exact target that helps you keep on track.

If you write an accurate and impressive thesis statement that you must have got a clear image of how you will carry out everything. This helps to keep things on track.

Time management and proper plan:

This is another common hurdle that students face in dissertation writing. Time management is very important in order to carry out the entire research in a very organized and accurate way. It helps to keep everything managed and gives promising results. If you plan out every task properly and perform every task in an organized way with proper time management then you don’t have to worry about late submissions or delays in work.

Once you prepare the best plan and schedule every single writing or research time by allocating specific time then you will be able to complete the thesis and research before a tight deadline. Time management and smart planning are very important elements for all researchers out here.

Moreover, we recommend you make a plan for chapter revisions as well. Once you review any chapter then you will be able to find lots of mistakes and you may find lots of points that need some sort of editing or any change. Revision makes everything capable to touch the level of perfection.


Your dissertation is a very important academic document on which your career seriously depends. If you take it so lightly and keep things pending and delay different tasks then you will end up with the worst results ever. Out of the common hurdles students face during dissertation writing is poor management which brings the worst results. 

Once you choose an MA education dissertation title and start working on different chapters and parts of your research you must have to be very serious about management. From managing research to conducting data, data evaluation to data representation, and literature review to thesis writing. Every process is time taking and needs proper management. 

If you manage everything professionally then you will be able to complete the research and writing work on time. 

However, in order to stay organized you have to work on proper management,

  • Of time.
  • Writing.
  • Management for revision.
  • For proofreading.
  • For research and a lot of parts that have importance in dissertation writing. 

Hurdle in structuring different chapters:

Dissertation writing may seem easy but in actuality, it is not as easy as it sounds. This is a very complex and time taking process that needs serious attention and strong knowledge. However, in dissertation writing, students commonly face the big challenge of organizing and structuring different chapters. 

You have to make sure that your dissertation structure is up to the mark and that it really shows quality research and dedicated work. You have to make sure to cover every chapter in the most efficient way. We advise you to keep these things in mind,

  • Make sure to describe the aim and purpose of the chapter.
  • Make sure to add information that readers will be able to get through this chapter.
  • Make sure to provide the most accurate and reliable information.
  • Try to summarize the information.

Final thought:

Working on a dissertation is really fun and exciting. However, some common hurdles students face while dissertation writing is real and need to be addressed. Make sure to carry out strong research and start working in a very organized way. 


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