What Can You Do To Keep Your Heart Healthy?

A report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mentions that every 36 seconds, a person passes through the United States from heart disease or cardiovascular disease. PHS To give you a clear idea, annually, 659,000 people lose their lives to heart diseases. Between 2016-2017, heart disease cost 363$ billion to the US, including medicines, health care services, and productivity loss due to death.

This data is scary for everyone. The risk of cardiovascular diseases is increasing. For a healthy and long life, you have to give some time to your heart, and more importantly see a functional medicine practitioner to get to the root cause of your condition. Here are a few tips to keep your heart healthy.

Tips to Maintain Heart Health

For most ethnic groups in the United States, heart disease is the primary cause of death. Here are tips to keep yourself safe from it.

  • Lower Salt Consumption

If you constantly consume high salt food, your blood pressure will most likely stay high. Increased blood pressure could significantly affect your heart and lead to a high risk of stroke.

The recommended daily salt intake is 3g for children and 6g for adults ( consuming 2.5 g of salt is equivalent to 1g of sodium). So, your salt consumption should be according to your age. You can cut salt consumption by not keeping salt on the dining table and using minimum salt in the cooking process. Also, try avoiding food with more than 1.5 g salt per 100 g.

  • Brush Regularly

Okay! People suffering from gum diseases are more prone to health diseases. It might look surprising but maintaining good dental hygiene is a significant part of keeping your heart healthy.

Though more studies are going on to understand the connection between gum diseases and heart diseases, some research suggests that the bacteria causing gum diseases might move to the bloodstream. It then boosts C-reactive protein, enhancing inflammation in the blood vessel. This could increase the risk of heart diseases.

So, brush and floss your teeth regularly to avoid gum diseases. It will give you two benefits. First, it will keep your heart healthy. Secondly, it will save you from cavities.

  • Maintain a Distance from Secondhand Smoke

Several studies reveal that exposure to secondhand smoke at the workplace or home increases the risk of heart disease by 25 to 30%. The American Heart Association reports that 7,300 deaths from lung cancer and 34,000 deaths from premature heart disease happen because of exposure to tobacco smoke every year.

The risk is higher for non-smokers with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. The chemicals from tobacco smoke lead to plaque growth in the arteries. So, whenever you see a smoker, be firm and face them. Try to keep children away from secondhand smoke as much as possible.

  • CBD Might Support Heart Health

You might have heard about CBD gummies, CBD oil, tinctures, topical creams, etc. All these products contain Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Many researchers believe that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. These two properties might work together to save you from high blood pressure, stroke, and various other heart diseases.

In a study organized in 2019, researchers kept rats in a stressful situation that caused a rise in their heart rate and blood pressure. Then the researchers administered a dose of CBD to them that reduced their heart rate and blood pressure. An almost similar study, organized in 2017, on human volunteers revealed that CBD reduced the blood pressure ( comparatively more than individuals who received a placebo)

A review in 2010 suggests that CBD might protect stroke patients from brain damage. It might also boost the recovery process by enhancing brain function. A 2017 review indicates that CBD might improve blood flow in the cerebral during a stroke. Besides, CBD is also known to treat anxiety, stress, and sleeping disorders. All these eventually support your heart health.

You can consume CBD in several ways. You can either go for edibles, such as CBD gummies or choose oils for a healthy heart.

  • Move Frequently

Recent studies suggest that sitting for too long at a place can put your health at risk. Even though you exercise daily, sitting for long could negatively affect your health.

Several studies suggest that sitting for too long could increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases to a great extent. It also increases the number of deaths from these diseases. So, experts suggest taking short walks throughout the day.

  • Avoid Trans Fat, Eat Healthy Fat

Fats are of different categories, saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, and trans fat. While you need to limit the consumption of other fats, you should strictly avoid trans fat. It increases the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

Trans fat creates a blockage in your arteries by boosting your body’s LDL level ( bad cholesterol). Moreover, it also reduces the level of good cholesterol, known as HDL. By avoiding trans fat, your circulatory system could work efficiently.

You can check the amount of trans fat in the ingredients of a product. It appears with the name partially hydrogenated oils. Look for products free from this ingredient. Some of the primary sources of trans fat are packaged snack food, baked goods, fried foods, margarine, etc.

  • Give Priority to Sleep

In today’s hectic life, people often ignore their sleep. It destroys your mental and physical health. Healthy sleep is necessary for a healthy heart. No matter your age or how healthy you eat, unless you do not sleep enough, there is a risk of cardiovascular disease.

Research suggests that less sleep interrupts biological processes, including inflammation and blood circulation. So, try to rest for at least 6 hours every night. A study on 3,000 individuals above 45 years old reveals that individuals who sleep six to eight hours are less prone to stroke and heart attack than those who sleep for less than 6 hours every night. If you are going through a sleeping disorder, you might try CBD gummies for good sleep.

These tips will keep you and your heart happy and healthy.


The heart is a delicate organ that ensures blood supply throughout your body. It works 24*7 until a person dies. A human body cannot survive even for a second without a heart. If your heart does so much for you, you can at least follow these tips to take care of it and maintain an aesthetic lifestyle.

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