What Is the Best Way to Deep Clean Your Sofa? NoBroker Sofa Cleaning Expert Reveals

Sofa Cleaning

Couches, sofas, and chairs made of fabric are quite popular because of their comfort and how long they last; yet, even the finest treated fabric will need the occasional cleaning to remain in pristine shape. It is recommended that most sofas be given a thorough Sofa Cleaning once or twice a year; however, fabric furniture may sometimes need a little bit more TLC, such as being vacuumed once a month and having any spills or stains treated as soon as they occur. As one of the top-rated sofa cleaners providing Sofa Cleaning Services in Faridabad with NoBroker, I often get asked about tips to deep cleaning a sofa. 

How to clean a sofa made of fabric?

The instructions provided by the manufacturer are the first item you should look through. Many fabric sofas have been pretreated to avoid stains. Using certain sofa deep cleaning products may lessen the efficacy of the protection or possibly void the guarantee on the sofa. On the label of many upholstered couches is information on how to clean the sofa. The following is a list of some of the most frequent cleaning codes and an explanation. In most cases, your sofa’s tag will be fastened beneath the seat cushions.

You can use either a cleanser based on water or cleaners based on solvents. Do not use any cleansers that include water or solvents; vacuum or brush the surface. Always do a spot check on an inconspicuous section of your couch before beginning to clean it. This will prevent the finish of the cloth from being damaged. Checking the colour won’t run, washing a small area with a white cloth and the cleaner of your choice. This should be done in a well-ventilated location. If the fabric loses its colour after being cleaned with a certain product, you shouldn’t use it over the whole sofa

How to clean the cushions on a sofa?

If your upholstered couch includes cushions that can be removed, you can clean them individually. First, look at the label for any sofa fabric cleaning instructions it may have. There are several cushion coverings made of cloth that can be machine-washed. If this is the case with your cushions, take the covers off and wash them.

To clean foam cushion pads, place them in a warm water bath with a very tiny quantity of gentle detergent suited for handwashing. To get the water and soap into the foam, the cushions must be submerged and pressed. Rub away any stains, and then thoroughly rinse them with clean water to eliminate any soap residue that may have been left behind. Allow them to dry in the air, turning them over regularly to ensure that water does not get trapped within the cushion or below it.

If you cannot clean your cushions, you should take them outdoors and beat them. This will eliminate any debris and dust that may be present. Couches whose labels have the codes W or WS should be steam cleaned, and any stains should be treated with an appropriate leather sofa cleaning solution. Couches with an X or an S cannot have their upholstery steam cleaned.

How should a sofa be thoroughly cleaned?

There are instances when a standard cleaning is insufficient, and it may be necessary to give your sofa a more in-depth cleaning. Various sources, including children, animals, and careless people, may cause stains. Whether you’re giving your old family sofa some much-needed TLC or buying a second-hand couch and need to clean and sanitise it, here’s how to make it appear as good as new.

  • To clean the sofa of crumbs, grime, and hair, brush it well.
  • To ensure more thorough cleaning, connect a brush attachment to your vacuum.
  • Take out the cushions and clean each one individually, if feasible.
  • Spread baking soda evenly on the couch, then wait for around twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Remove the dust from the baking soda.
  • Treating spots locally
  • Give the sofa some time for drying.

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In conclusion

It is not necessarily the end of the world if your sofa made of cloth becomes stained. When you have the experts on your side, cleaning upholstered furniture, which might appear difficult at first, is very simple. In addition, giving your sofa a thorough cleaning as part of your annual Sofa Cleaning will help to prolong its life and keep it looking as if it were purchased yesterday for many years to come. If you are looking for reliable and trusted Sofa cleaning services in Faridabad, I highly recommend you check NoBroker.in and book a free consultation with the cleaning expert today!

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