What Things Should You Pack for The Desert Safari Dubai Visit?

You are going on a Desert Safari Dubai trip, and there are too many things you need at the time of the journey

Are you going to the desert safari Dubai tour? Wearing the right clothes and holding the right accessories on hand will provide you with the best experience. It is because you will never find the clothes shop or pharmacy at Dubai desert safari. So, it would be best if you packed all the necessary things. There are too many things that you should pack for the desert safari tour. This article will tell you the essential things that you should pack. If you don’t know what to pack, you are in the right place. Please read the complete article to know about the packing.

What Things Should You Pack for The Dubai Desert Safari?

You are going on a Desert Safari Dubai trip, and there are too many things you need at the time of the journey. So, you need to pack all the essential things you need for your trip. All the things that you pack for your trip are given below.

The first thing that you should pack is a first aid kit. This kit must contain different items like anti-allergy tablets, painkillers, bandages, plasters, insect repellents, mosquito lotion, and anti-itch lotion. You can also include the other things you think are vital for you.

The next is your smartphone, camera and also don’t forget the extra memory cards, charger, and extra batteries.

It is crucial to pack comfortable shoes that are best for trekking, walking, and hiking. If these shoes are waterproof, then it will be a plus point.

It would help if you packed the clothes that suit you. Or you can also load the natural color clothes like muted brown, olive, khaki, beige, grey, and off-white.

You can also pack cotton clothes in light colors to handle the humid and hot conditions. Other than this, the windproof jacket, umbrella, raincoat, and fleece is essential to take all the weather. Remember that the nights of the desert safari Dubai will be cold.

Please pack some extra things like some pairs of socks, pairs of shoes and other things you think you will need.

It is imperative to have high-quality sunblock when going on a desert safari. However, too many people recommend packing the sunblock because the sun is fierce in the Arabian desert. But remember that you must have to load the best quality sunblock. Don’t forget to pack the sun hat that contains the net sides to give complete protection to your ears and neck from the sun.

You can pack your favorite magazine, books, or loaded e-reader. You can read these books and magazines when you are free.

At the time of packing, always consider the full sleeves clothes. With the help of full sleeves clothes, you can protect your sleeves from both insects and the sun.

It is essential to make sure that you pack your camera for photography, zoom lens, and camcorder. It is 100% confirm that you will need a camera to take pictures on a desert safari. Other than this, also pack some extra batteries and memory cards.

What Things Should You Not Pack for The Desert Safari Tour?

After reading about what things you should pack for the desert safari Dubai, now it’s time to know what items you should avoid packing for the desert safari.

Always avoid packing bright color clothes. These bright colors include white, black, and blue. It is because these types of colors are the favorite of the Tsetse flies, and we don’t think that you want to meet the little critters.

Don’t take the hard shell-type bags in favor of the canvas holdall or leather bag. It is because your entire luggage will move from one place to another multiple time, and it is straightforward for you to transport.

You should avoid packing the next thing is expensive items like expensive laptops, mobile phones, and any other expensive gadget.

Too many people think that pack the flashy jewelry for the show-off, then don’t do this. Always leave your jewelry, diamond rings, and other gold at your home.

Things You Should Pack in Last Minute and Check Your Packing:

Now it’s time to know about the last-minute packing and check your entire packing.

It is essential always to carry too much water because the weather of the desert safari is hot humid, and you will need too much water.

Don’t forget to pack some plastic bags. These bags store your stuff separately, or these are best for your dirty washing.

Make sure your money, passport, and visa are up to date and present in the best place.


All the things you should pack before going to the Dubai Desert Safari are given above. If you think of something also crucial for the trip, you can load these things. But all the things that are given above are significant to pack.

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