The writing process and strategy you use will expose you to plagiarism. Even the most experienced

writers are prone to plagiarism when writing essays in particular circumstances. Here are tricks to help

you to avoid plagiarism and submit the most compelling essay.

  1. Read widely

Plagiarism arises when you copy the ideas of other people. If you have few ideas to discuss or have run

out of points to support your discussion, there is a high likelihood of plagiarism. Avoid the trap by

reading widely on the subject you are writing about. Can I get a good college homework help service

online and avoid the extended study hours? Writing services offer the most experienced writers to help

you craft an original and unique essay.

Look for high-quality books, academic articles, journals, and links with credible information. They give

you new ideas that you can use to support your point. They also give you a new perspective when

writing the paper. You have new words to support your arguments.


Reading widely helps you to eliminate the old ideas that are no longer useful in academic circles. You

have a fresh perspective that will raise the quality of your writing. The best books and reference

materials come from the library or approved online databases.

  1. Learn to paraphrase

The Literature Review chapter of any paper involves combining the ideas of other writers. You are

expected to give your discussion a scholarly context by quoting other writers who have discussed the

same topic. It means quoting their work and paraphrasing some of the sections. Unfortunately, it is at

the paraphrasing phase that most students are caught plagiarizing academic work. Learn to paraphrase

and you will never be caught plagiarizing any work.

Paraphrasing requires you to use different words to say the same thing. While you are allowed to quote,

you should only quote a small section. Find new words to describe the same idea. Read widely to see

how other writers have presented the same argument. You have new words to present the points you

are discussing instead of plagiarizing.

  1. Hire a write

It takes time and experience to write a quality academic paper. The chances of plagiarism are high when

you have little time to complete the paper or your mind is distracted. Avoid the trouble of plagiarism by

hiring a professional homework helper. They dedicate their time to writing your paper, ensuring that it is


Pick a highly rated writer who has consistently produced quality work. Check reviews of the writing

service to determine whether its writers deliver original work. You will submit original work without

having to spend endless hours on the desk.

  1. Take time to write

Dedicate enough time to write your paper. Start crafting the assignment immediately after it is issued.

You avoid rushing through the paper and copying some sections in a hurry to meet the deadline as well

as achieve the required length.

  1. Develop original idea

You are capable of delivering a new idea. Read widely and think critically about the ideas you collect

from other scholars. Enhance these ideas using fresh data from the field. You will come up with a new

idea, eliminating the need to plagiarize the works of other scholars.

Plagiarism can be intentional or by mistake. Always check your paper for plagiarism before submission.

Learn how to avoid plagiarism and commit enough time to write as well as edit your paper before


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