5 Great Ways to Challenge Your Brain

If you have been feeling bored lately then it might be the right time for a new challenge. Your brain needs stimulation, so much so that when it lacks it, it can affect the whole functionality of your body. Cognitive ability depends on a consistent flow of new information and entertainment — it is human nature. So, if you are looking for great ways to challenge your brain to get you out of a slump, then this article is just what you need. 

Brainteaser Games

Brainteaser games are those that provoke thought, like word games and puzzles. The challenge here is in the thinking and the application, but it’s important to have fun too because when things become tense and pressured, this is the wrong type of challenge. To take some of the stress away and really enjoy the experience, you can use an online tool like Unscramble.me, and instead of starting the game empty-handed, have words at the ready and see how Unscramble.me does it for you

Learn a New Skill

It sounds so easy, right? It can be. Learning a new skill is supposed to be a bit challenging, as that is what makes it interesting. Try to dig deep and really explore the things you feel lacking in. Here are some great ideas you could try. 

  1. Learn a new instrument. Music is amazing for stimulating the mind, and there is something very special about creating your own sounds and finding your instrumental voice. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be innately ‘musical’ to be able to play an instrument. Anyone can learn with the right dedication and practice. 
  2. Try out a second language to improve your memory, verbal reasoning, and cultural awareness and improve your travel experiences. 
  3. Attempt some haberdashery. Knitting, sewing, and general fabric manipulation techniques can be fun and engaging. 
  4. Join a sports team and attempt to learn a physical activity you may not have previously explored. 

Go Traveling

Seeing a new country is a lot of fun but there are challenges too. Positive challenges can create internal growth and enable the mind to expand. When you go to a foreign country you are experiencing a new culture, a different language, and in some cases a complete contrast to your standard daily life. You will be a tourist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an authentic experience and throw yourself all in. 

One of the most exciting ways to challenge your brain while traveling is by learning a new language. Immerse yourself in the local culture and go beyond being just a tourist. Whether you choose to learn Spanish in New York or Japanese in New Orleans, or any other language. By embracing the local language, you can unlock a deeper understanding of the culture, connect with the locals on a more profound level, and navigate through your surroundings with ease.

Do Something Outside of Your Comfort Zone

There is a chemical reaction that happens when you do something outside of the realm of what you would usually partake in. This reaction pushes the brain to accept change more easily and adapt to new situations. Taking on an activity that you may have wondered about subconsciously but never thought you’d actually try is one of the easiest, most direct ways to set yourself a challenge. Even if it’s a strictly one-time experience, the key is in the doing. 

Get a New Job

Switching careers is one of the best ways to challenge yourself, because people become too comfortable in what they know and therefore fail to progress. This lack of motivation stops as soon as you decide to create a better environment for your mind and accept the challenges that a new job will offer. 

Brain health is something that should be looked after, just like your physical health too. Memory loss is a prevalent issue in old age, and a part of combatting that is through keeping your mind active in new and interesting ways. Keep yourself guessing and always raise the bar when life is looking a little boring. 

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