Apply for Fiance Visa: Who is Eligible to Apply for Fiance Visa or Marriage Visa

“UK Family Visas” refers to a broad category of UK visas that allow family members to live together in the UK.

Family visa requirements vary widely. For family members of British citizens and those who have settled in the UK and want to travel with or join them, various types of visas are available. Spouse and partner visas, proposed civil partner/fiance visas, and child-dependent visas are some.

There are various requirements, application procedures, and prices involved with each of these categories. To apply for a fiance visa in this category, the UK relative must typically serve as a “sponsor” for the non-UK relative. Certain family work visas allow family members to settle in the UK and can be used to get Indefinite Leave to Stay (ILR).

Who is eligible to apply for a fiance visa?

You must apply for a UK visa if you are a non-UK national and wish to stay and work in the UK for an extended period. Many visa categories are available based on your situation. For visits of more than six months, family members must be granted a family visa.

You can apply for a marriage visa if you’re living abroad and want to join your husband, fiancé, partner. 

How Much Does a Fiance Visa Cost?

A Fiancé(e) and Spouse Visa UK currently cost £1,538, the same as before. Please keep in mind the payment would be in the local currency of the country where the applicant is applying or in US dollars and that the actual amount paid may differ from this amount depending on the day’s currency exchange rates.

Requirement for a Fiance

The Immigration Rules’ Appendix FM lists the requirements. The relationship test requirement, the financial requirement, the housing requirement, the English language test requirement (if applicable), and the tuberculosis test requirement must all be satisfied by the applicant and their partner (if applicable).


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