Best Hand Blenders Brands in India

You often need to blend some food to make it creamy. For instance, eggs should be blended well to gain its most perfect creamy nature.

Not just eggs, but even meats like chicken get blended for some recipes. Also, people used to blend fruits such as bananas, apples, avocados, etc.

So, every day you should do the blending process as a part of your cooking. 

To make the blending process easier and quicker, in 2023, you may use an electric hand blender rather than manual blenders which demand time and you will feel pain in your hand.

Electric hand blenders are vastly available in India under different brand names. But, we cannot say for sure that all the brands sell quality blenders.

To help you find the best hand blenders brands in India in 2023, we have curated the blog post by which you can explore the 7 best hand blender brands in India.

Best Hand Blenders Brands in India That Are Easy to Use and Affordable

The hand blenders brands in India crafted in the blog post are decided according to several criteria and importantly, brands that have had better reviews added to the list.

  • Masterblend Hand Blender by Borosil

Borosil is a popular brand in India that sells a wide range of kitchen gadgets and appliances in better quality at an affordable price range.

Borosil has a few hand blenders models available in the store in the name of Masterblend and Nutrifresh PB31. 

The Masterblend hand blenders by Borosil should be the perfect solution to make your blending needs easier and smoother. Borosil’s Masterblend hand blenders WS 31, WB 32, and SW 21 are the best-sellers in their hand blenders category.

It has mind-blowing features to be noticed. Some features are:

  • Come with a single press button which is easy to use
  • Offers you superior blending performance
  • Powerful copper winding motor with sharp-edged blades
  • Detachable stainless steel rod which makes the cleaning process easier
  • Offers multi-purpose functions such as whipping and whisking along with blending

No matter which part you are in India, you can purchase Masterblend Borosil hand blenders online from their official website. The prices are affordable as you can get a hand blender for around 1700 INR with 1-year warranty.

Overall, the Masterblend hand blender by Borosil brand is the perfect choice for an Indian kitchen to blend foods such as dal, soups, chaas, baby foods, and more.

  • Hand Blender MX-GS1 by Panasonic

Panasonic is one of the oldest companies that is well-known for offering electronic gadgets. Many do not know that Panasonic also sells a few kitchen gadgets.

Hand Blender is one of the gadgets that come under the Panasonic Kitchen appliances category. MX-GS1 by Panasonic hand blender has 4 blades including 2 straight and 2 blending blades. 

One-touch operation functionality is handled in the Panasonic hand blenders brand in India as you can hold on to the button to run and release the button to stop.

Talking about the price of the blender, it costs more than 3000 INR. You can purchase from your nearest Panasonic retailers or even from Amazon India.

  • Hand Blender HHB-187E by Orpat

The brand Orpat sells a wide range of clocks and fans as Orpat is the brand that comes under Ajanta Quartz. The company also has some 9 hand blender models in their store at present. 

HHB-187E hand blender by Orpat is one of the company’s best sellers.

The sleek and slim looking HHB-187E hand blender by the Orpat brand has a powerful 400W motor. It’s a wall mountable model, so you can easily mount the blender on your kitchen wall and use it comfortably.

  • Croma 600 Watts Hand Blender

The hand blender brand in India Croma has 600 Watts and so named as Croma 600 Watts hand blender. It has four attachments and offers two major functionalities such as blending and chopping as well.

When you have the hand blender brand in your kitchen, you probably do not need to spend extra on a chopper as it works as a chopper as well.

To get the hand blender, visit your nearest Croma store. If not, try online shopping.

  • PHB 6.0 2 Speed Prestige Hand Blender

Same as Borosil, Prestige is also one of the popular kitchen appliances brands in India that sells almost all kitchen items and gadgets including hand blender. That’s why Prestige got into our list of best hand blenders brands in India in 2023.

Starting from 960 INR, Prestige does have a wide range of hand blenders at different prices. The higher the price you choose, the more features you will get.

The PHB 6.0 prestige hand blender comes in 2-speed settings which you can adjust the speed according to the requirements and the food you blend.

It comes with a blending jar which you can use for blending the foods without using any vessels from your kitchen.

  • Inalsa Robot 5.0 CP 500W Hand Blender

It’s a blender cum chopper model which you can use for multipurpose such as blending and chopping. The hand blender design as well as the color used in the Inalsa Robot 5.0 CP hand blender looks premium.

The hand blender is easy to use and it’s too quick. So, you can save your meal preparation time. All the accessories in the hand blender brand are easy to detach and re-assemble. So, you will not feel any difficulties when it comes to cleaning.

The Inalsa Robot hand blender model has a super silent powerful motor that never produces any extra sounds, and disturbances.

  • Kent 16044 Hand Blender

Another best hand blender brands in India to save time on your blending process. The Kent 16044 hand blender is a compact yet most powerful kitchen gadget that seamlessly helps you prepare smoothies, dips, shakes, soups, and more.

When it comes to durability, Kent never fails as the stainless steel blades used in the blender are the most durable and you can use it for long years without any issues.

A unique thing about the Kent blender is that it comes with various speed controls. Probably, you can adjust the speed according to the food you blend. 


Hand Blender becomes an essential kitchen gadget to be added in the Indian Kitchen. Possibly, you can buy a better branded hand blender from shopping apps in India in 2023 for under 2000 INR. 

So, you can go for it. The blender not only saves you time but also gives you delicious and healthy food.

Make better use of the 7 best hand blenders brands in India blog post and decide one according to your budget and other requirements.

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