Being one of the fastest-growing and popular social media platforms, Instagram has grown to be a great commercial platform. It offers its users countless learning and earning opportunities. Some can start a store, some can help run it, those with buying more Instagram views From and engagements can promote it.

The list goes on and on, and one does not need to have billions of Instagram followers either. If you are wondering how people make money on Instagram, you’re at the right place. Given below are some of the best ways to earn money from Instagram. 

  1. Become a brand ambassador

Many companies are looking to have long-term partnerships with influencers who can showcase their products in a positive light. Over time, Instagram has become the most popular platform for influencer marketing and brand partnerships. 

Likewise, it’s the perfect place for brands and brand ambassadors to connect and embark on something new. Brands and interested brand ambassadors may approach one another if they feel the vibe is matched. All one has to do is select a niche, and build an engaging follower base for the same. 

The more Instagram followers and engagements one has got, the better will be the deals. Along with monetary benefits, one also gets freebie products, an insider peeks at new launches beforehand, wider exposure, and more. 

  1. Promote affiliate links

Instagram offers opportunities for countless high-paying affiliate programs across different niches. Through affiliate marketing, one can add affiliate links on their Instagram and earn through commission on sales. Affiliate links can help bring in a lot of money, provided it is done in the right manner.

If one has high engagements such as more Instagram likes, one can leverage their large audience base to encourage sales. Nevertheless, this method is also useful for influencers who have a limited follower base. One can expect approximately 5-15% of the commission amount per sale. All one has to do is create a clickable link, add it in bio and stories for your followers to see and shop from. To strengthen the impact, you could always add a strong and actionable CTA. 

  1. Sponsored posts

If you have more Instagram followers, you could always become an influencer and earn through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are slightly different from brand partnerships, being mainly transactional in nature. 

Being a content creator, one will be expected to post on their profiles about the brand’s product in exchange for some amount or barter. Most of these deals are managed by influencer and PR marketing agencies. 

The earning capacity through sponsored posts is determined by one’s follower count and engagement rate. Over time, the follower count has started to have lesser weightage as compared to engagements. 

This increases earning opportunities for micro-influencers as well. There are several top influencers making thousands of dollars per post. This goal is attainable for sure but requires talent, hard work, consistency, and time to get to this point.

  1. Run an online store

Over the last couple of years, Instagram has become an e-commerce platform for many brands. So much so, that Instagram has introduced features wherein customers can directly shop via IG. 

This makes Instagram a great platform to run an online store and sales generator. Your personal account doesn’t need to have millions of Instagram followers, simply create an aesthetic business space. 

This also comes with special features such as product tags, in-app checkout, shop button, shoppable stickers, and a lot more. Other than this, it offers a great earning opportunity and makes it easy to reach the target audience. 

  1. Offer consultancy and assistance

One doesn’t necessarily have to be an influencer or a business owner to make money on Instagram. With so many brands and influencers today, offering consultancy and other virtual services has become a source of income for many. 

And the best part is, there is no cap limit about having more followers or getting more Instagram likes from This role is perfect for people who like to work behind the scenes and be a part of the creation process of it all. 

There are many influencers that need help with styling, creating captions, handling day-to-day tasks, and more. Similarly, several brands are looking for consultancy, influencer outreach, campaign ideas, and related tasks. 

With increasing saturation and competition, consultancy services are quite high in demand and can be a career choice for many. 


It is a known fact that Instagram has become a great way to monetize your worth and build a career. 

One doesn’t necessarily need to have more Instagram likes or followers, simply some efforts in the right direction. Learn how to present and market yourself, and you’ll be good to go!

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