The market for candle businesses has been booming in recent years. However, people still view candle-making as a dying art form because its online presence is non-existent. Do you want to start a widespread conversation about how diverse and enchanting your scents are? I’m sure you do. The right audience is waiting to appreciate your products; you just have to find them.

Social media is the best way to proceed, but you need to know what strategies to employ to attract and maintain a loyal client base. So, if you want to discover the ingredients to your candle-making business’s success, read on. 


Social media is saturated with various similar businesses, so making your profile stand out from the competition is critical. You need to add a touch of your personality to the brand and have your social media reflect the same. Share a story about your journey of making candles, or highlight what each scent signifies. In doing so, you are keeping the customers invested and ensuring that they commit to buying. 

No two businesses are the same, so you must identify the audience and trends and cater your promotions accordingly. You’ll lose clients if you can keep them constantly engaged. So, take feedback and genuinely interact with each customer so they are compelled to return for more. 

Create fun questionnaires to accelerate customer interaction. The response such personalized quizzes receive is truly astonishing, as evidenced by the example of the energy company Eneco. They were able to accumulate over 1000 emails in just six weeks as a result of their quiz.

It’s all about the customers, am I right? So, make their experience shopping with your brand one they can remember. Attach cute handwritten notes with each of the candles you deliver. Handwritten notes make the customers feel valued. Similarly, sending small gifts, such as complimentary candles, with their orders makes them more likely to revisit your brand.

Make sure your profile has a striking appearance. For that, Facebook cover photo templates available online could help tons. With thousands of options, you can select the ones that best fit your brand and customize them as per your needs. It’s easy and works wonders.

Creative content

Anyone can create and post dull, low-value content on social media sites. Yet, such profiles don’t have the intrigue to draw people in to spend.  When you’re selling candles, you’re advertising scents, but that is much more difficult when the business is online. 

So, your captions need to be artistically crafted so that the customers can know what to expect when they order the products. Make the captions as vivid as you can, and let your customer’s imaginations run wild. 

Pair these creative captions with professional photoshoots. Choose a suitable background while staying true to your brand’s theme. Ensure that the lighting compliments your candles’ colors and makes the vibrance pop out. 

Consider which social media site the pictures are intended to go to because the framing and composition will vary accordingly. Facebook can present wider photos, while Instagram allows narrower ones. So, frame your candle in a way that would flatter the relevant feed.

Social media is not just about the posts. The Stories feature on Instagram is something every business person should utilize. Want to spend only a little bit of time developing temporary stories? Then use Instagram story templates, which provide good designs to choose from and customize without investing large chunks of your time.


People love it when they win something, so giveaways are particularly popular on social media. Especially for new businesses, giveaways, and similar contests can help create exposure and broaden the customer base for the brand. For each giveaway, outline specific rules, including tagging their friends on the posts and adding the competition to their stories. 

Doing this will help increase the post’s reach and the brand. It is key to include prizes that are specific to your business. For instance, for your candle brand, giving away your best-scented candles would facilitate engagement and create loyalty amongst consumers if they like the products.

Use insights from the giveaway posts and see what works for you and what isn’t. Once the giveaway ends, congratulate the winner and keep the other participants hooked on the prospects of future contests. 


It’s about more than just rising above the competition. Sometimes, it’s better to identify and partner with similar businesses for a joint venture. Though there are many brands out there, you have to sieve through them to find the ones that complement yours best. 

Take note of their engagement levels and the audience they are catering to see whether the collaboration would be right for the business. Make a proposal to your potential collaborators that they can’t refuse. The overlap of their expertise and yours could yield better results for both.

Brainstorming possible ideas to market the candles further or jointly developing a new scent are just a few things you can do together. The combination of efforts, resources, and audiences can start a community in the digital space, cementing your business’s presence in the market. 

It’s time to show the world how proud you are of your endeavors and tell them that they are missing out on something special without your candles. If you master the art of harnessing the power of social media, nothing can stop your candle-making business from reaching great heights. 

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