Smartphones are an integral part of our daily lives. With every passing day, we are becoming more dependent on mobile phones. Many individuals desire to have the latest model of phones. So, It’s not surprising that most people are curious to know the age of their phone. 

If you are wondering how to determine the age of your phone, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to find out the age of your phone. Let’s get started. 


Check the Manufacture Date

The first step in determining the age of your phone is to check the manufacturer’s date. You can find this information on the original box you got with the phone while buying it. If you have lost the box, you can still check the manufacture date by removing the battery and checking the label underneath it. Many smartphones come with non-removable batteries. If you have that type of mobile, then you need to try other methods to check your mobile data. 


Check the Model Number

If you can’t check the manufacturer date and are still wondering how old is my phone. In this case you can determine the age of your phone by model number. Most manufacturers have a specific code for each model, often called an IMEI number. It includes information about the phone’s release date, as well as other specifications such as storage capacity, color, and carrier compatibility.

You can usually find the model number on the back of the phone or on the original packaging. Additionally, you can also find it in the phone setting. The model number is usually a combination of letters and numbers, and it may be listed as “Model,” “Model Number,” or “Model Code.” 


Check the Software Version

Another way to determine the age of your phone is to check the software version. This is because manufacturers release software updates regularly. The version number can give you an idea of when the phone was released. You can check the software version by going to your phone’s settings and looking under “About Phone” or “System Updates.” 


Check the Warranty

The warranty of your phone can also give you an idea of how old it is. Most warranties are valid for a specific period of time, which is usually one or two years. You can find the warranty information on the original packaging. Further, you can also check the phone warranty by putting the IMEI number on the manufacturer’s website. 


Check the Usage

The final step is to check the usage of your phone. The age of your phone can also be determined by how much you’ve used it. Different phones have different settings to check mobile usage. In most phones, you can find usage statistics in battery or about phone settings. 



Staying updated about your phone is necessary. Determining the age of your phone is not that difficult. It can be done in a few steps. In this article, we shared some tricks to know the age of your phone. Knowing your phone’s age will help you to decide whether it is time to upgrade or continue using your phone for some more years. 


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