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Keanu Reeves was conceived on September 2, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon, and was brought up in Toronto, Canada. He originally picked up consideration for his presentation in River’s Edge, while the parody Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and its spin-off, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, brought him significant acknowledgment. Reeves has built up a diverse film list that incorporates the activity flick Speed and the science fiction blockbusters The Matrix and its spin-offs, just as more workmanship house passage like My Own Private Idaho and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Reeves made his directorial debut in 2013 with Man of Tai Chi. In this list of best motivational quotes, we have listed Best Keanu Reeves Quotes that give you an energetic power that keeps motivates you.

The remarkable thing about Keanu Reeves: His dad left when he was 3. He dropped out of school because of Dyslexia. His best friend overdosed when he was 23. His child was born stillborn. His girlfriend died in a car crash shortly after the birth of their child. He took care of his sister when she was diagnosed with leukemia. He donated 70% of his earnings to charity. Hope you will find Inspiration on Keanu Reeves Quotes.

Top Best Keanu Reeves Quotes


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keanu reeves quotes

“Money doesn’t mean anything to me. I’ve made a lot of money, but I want to enjoy life and not stress myself building my bank account. I give lots away and simply, mostly out of a suitcase in hotels. We all know that good health is much more important.”

“I’m older and older. With any experience you have, you know more about yourself.”

“I wish I could say something classy and inspirational, but that just wouldn’t be our style. … Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory… lasts forever.”

“I’m a Virgo; it’s in my sign to be hard on myself.”

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“The simple act of paying attention can take you a long way.”

“Life is good when you have a good sandwich.”

“It’s hard to act in the morning. The muse isn’t even awake.”

“The impact of falling in love for the first time has a special place in our architecture.”

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“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times, They can only make you stronger.”

“When I don’t feel free and can’t do what I want I just react. I go against it.”

“Money buys you the freedom to live your life the way you want.” 

“The inspiration really comes first from the character and the story. That vision of what the story is, and what the character is, the world that they inhabit, and what the story wants to tell. That’s really what inspires me.”

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“Grief changes shape, but it never ends.”

“I believe in love at first sight. You want that connection, and then you want some problems.”

“Luxury is the opportunity to experience quality, be it a place, a person, or an object.”

“All the dreams I dream are nightmares and those nightmares are the ones I live.”

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“I don’t want to be a part of a world where being kind is a weakness.”

“I’m a meathead, man. You’ve got smart people, and you’ve got dumb people. I just happen to be dumb.”

“You know what is a nice thought? Retirement.”

“In my quiet, I was working something out.”

keanu reeves quotes 6

“I was raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It’s called respect.”

“You have to change your life if you’re not happy, and wake up if things aren’t going the way you want.”

“Mortality is very different when you’re 20 to when you’re 50.”

“I thank the earth and the sky every day for the opportunities I’ve had.”

Top Best Inspirational Keanu Reeves Quotes

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“Someone told me the other day that he felt bad for single people because they are lonely all the time. I told him that’s not true I’m single and I don’t feel lonely. I take myself out to eat, I buy myself clothes. I have great times by myself. Once you know how to take care of yourself company becomes an option and not a necessity.”

“Because we’re actors we can pretend and fake it, but I’d rather the intimate investment was authentic.”

“And it’s easy to stay grounded. The ground is very close. And we walk on it every day.” 

“How do I confront aging? With wonder and a terror. Yeah, I’ll say that. Wonder and terror.”

keanu reeves quotes 8

“I don’t understand why people get mad when they get rejected by somebody or something. They have done you a favor by not wasting your time and playing with you.”

“I guess living without love, without experiencing it or being able to give it is pretty strong punishment.”

“I am not handsome or sexy. Of course, it’s not like I am hopeless.”

“Multi-culture is the real culture of the world – the pure race doesn’t exist.”

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keanu reeves quotes 9

“I will always be in love with love.”

“Letters are something from you. It’s a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail.”

“Tattoos are interesting, but at the same time they are also a mask – you are exhibiting your past life on your body.”

“You need to be happy to live, I don’t.”

keanu reeves quotes 10

“The concept of the matrix isn’t much different from our reality. We wake up, carry out habits and go to sleep only to wake up and do it again. It’s like you exist but don’t feel alive.”

“I attempt to connect with my muse and go on demon rides.”

“Sometimes simple things are the most difficult things to achieve.”

“Positive energy brings good feelings, and dark energy often means harm. But the destruction in dark energy is also a subtle aspect of construction, like how even forest fires have their benefits. Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.”

“None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after-thought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”

“Life and art had a nice parallel, in the sense of coming together as strangers who are separate in prison who need to work together, getting to know each other.”

“I hope I get the bliss. And I know I’m going to have to work for it. But I’ve got to say, really, I have no kind of, can I say “secular religiosity”? … I don’t have a denominational sight.”

“So many people have that relationship. The companionship. The connection. To our – to other beings, our pets. I hate to call them pets. But you know, to other creatures that we share our lives with.”

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“The truth is, you don’t struggle with depression, you struggle with the reality we live in.”

“Our dreams can teach us, instruct us, confuse us… sometimes I think they look to be considered. And in terms of like, they are an opportunity and I think they most certainly could be utilized to focus, to try and achieve – whether it’s looking for someone, or influencing us, or inspiring us.”

“We are the sum of who we are. We pick certain things at certain moments that influenced us.”

“Sure I believe in God and the Devil, but they don’t have to have pitchforks and a long white beard.”

Best Motivational Keanu Reeves Quotes

keanu reeves quotes

“If you have been brutally broken but still have the courage to be gentle to other living beings. Then you’re a badass with a heart of an angel.”

“One of the aspects I like about the film is that there is a kind of emotional, psychological discussion during the storytelling, … Before taking a drug, go through yourself, experience yourself, all your hopes and fears in your own time. Before the pharmacology, do the psychology.”

“‘Speed’ and ‘Point Break’ were a lot of running and jumping, and then ‘The Matrix Trilogy’ had a lot of fights and wirework and green screen elements.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay, so to deny it is to make a judgment.”

“When the people you love are gone, you are Alone.”

“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things but yeah I can imagine that you can kind of – I think it depends on one’s psychological state. I think there are some people who are on the internet and can fall in love and seem to be in a certain psychological state and other people who are – who couldn’t quite do that.”

“It’s fun to be hopelessly in love. It’s dangerous, but it’s fun.”

“Violence is sometimes a very practical solution but I don’t think it is the ultimate solution. Owning a gun is not OK for me. But I could argue both sides. Why shouldn’t people own them? I’m not fundamentally against citizens having access to a weapon but I think it has complications. It’s probably not the wisest idea. Obviously, it has consequences. Personally, I do not own a weapon.”

“I always felt like I’m not from this generation I just live in it. Because the way my mindset differs from the majority, you’d think I come from a different dimension. That’s why I keep things to myself because a lot of people just won’t understand me.”

“I’m Mickey Mouse. They don’t know who’s inside the suit.”

“The recognition of the law of the cause and effect, also known as karma, is a fundamental key to understand how you’ve created your world, with actions of your body, speech, and mind. When you truly understand karma, then you realize you are responsible for everything in your life. It is incredibly empowering to know that your future is in your hands.” 

“There’s a lot of great writing, and characters, and stories being told in television nowadays. And much more than there used to be. The opportunities to tell stories, because of the opportunities to show content. And so it’s drawing actors from cinema, movie actors, actors to where there’s a lot of opportunities to where you can tell stories.”

“Nothing ever truly dies… Everything is simply transformed.”

“I had the classic 40 meltdown, I did. It’s embarrassing. It was pretty funny. But then I recovered. To me, it was like a second adolescence. Hormonally, my body was changing, my mind was changing, and so my relationship to myself and the world around me came to this assault of finiteness.” 

“I’m sorry my existence is not very noble or sublime.”

“A relationship is an imaginative act, it’s an act of creation. Someone said to me the other day that a relationship between a person and a kid is unconditional; but the relationship between adults, to each other, is conditional, in a sense. But that condition can be the best kind.”

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“People will come and go in life. But the person in mirror will be there forever. So be good to yourself.”

“I cried over beauty, I cried over pain, and the other time I cried because I felt nothing. I can’t help it. I’m just a cliché of myself.”

“Energy can’t be created or destroyed, and energy flows. It must be in a direction, with some kind of internal, emotive, spiritual direction. It must have some effect somewhere.”

“You’re playing and you think everything is going fine. Then one thing goes wrong. And then another. And another. You try to fight back, but the harder you fight, the deeper you sink. Until you can’t move… you can’t breathe… because you’re in over your head. Like quicksand.”

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“Sometimes enemies are our best teachers, people can learn from their mistakes, destruction sometimes means rebirth.”

“I always felt a bit alone and isolated from other people…I did a lot of pretending as a child. It was my way of coping with the fact that I didn’t feel like I fit in.”

“People were saying that David Geffen and I had gotten married and it just blew me away. Not that they thought I was gay, but that they thought I could land a guy that hot.” 

“What sort of girls do I like? – They are all angels.”

“I dream of a day where I walk down the street & hear people talk about morality, sustainability & philosophy instead of the Kardashians.”

“Kissing someone is pretty intimate, actually very intimate, and your heart always kind of skips a beat before you do that.”

Keanu Reeves Quotes Based on Woman

keanu reeves quotes

“It’s always wonderful to get to know women., with the mystery and the joy and the depth. If you can make a woman laugh, you’re seeing the most beautiful thing on God’s earth.”

“If you notice, the people who are always alone are those who love too much, care too much and are gentle & are kind and compassionate too much.”

“Falling in love and having a relationship are two different things.”

“Art is about trying to find the good in people and making the world a more compassionate place.”

“Be aware of the quiet ones, they are the ones who actually think. The smarter you get the less you speak.”

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“Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to take the time out to enjoy the beauty in life. It’s like we’re zombies. Look up and take your headphones out. Say Hi to someone you see and maybe give a hug to someone who looks like they’re hurting. Help out someone. You have to live every day like it’s your last.”

“What would happen if you melted? You know, you never really hear this talked about much, but spontaneous combustion? It exists!… [people] burn from within… sometimes they’ll be in a wooden chair and the chair won’t burn, but there’ll be nothing left of the person. Except sometimes his teeth. Or the heart. No one speaks about this, but its for real.”

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Keanu Reeves Quotes and Biography

Birth and Family

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor. Canadian actor Keanu Reeves was born on 2 September 1964 in Bayerut, Lebanon. Keanu Reeves’ wife is Jennifer Syme. Keanu Reeves was married to Jennifer Syme in 1998.


Keanu Reeves received her early education from the school American Community School Beirut. It was then decided by Keanu Reeves to pursue further studies. For which he got his admission to North Toronto Collegiate Institute from where he has completed his graduation.

About the films

Friends Reverse Age was acted in 1986 by Keanu Reeves. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the 1989 film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The Hollywood film was liked by all the viewers. It was also starred in the film Parenthood Hollywood by Keanu Reeves in 1989, a Hollywood film that was praised by all audiences. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the film Point Break in 1991, which was praised by the audience.

This was followed by Keanu Reeves starring Dracula in 1992, a Hollywood film that was praised by audiences. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in 1994 starring in the film Speed, a Hollywood film praised by all audiences. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the 1995 film Johnny Mnemonic Hollywood. In 1995, he starred in the movie A Walk in the Clouds Hollywood. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in 1997, The Devil’s. The advocate was acted in the film.

Keanu Reeves’ performance was praised by decades. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in 1999 in The Matrix Hollywood Film. When the film was published in theaters, the film was seen by the audience and the film was highly praised. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the 2000 film The Replacements Hollywood. Along with this, in 2000, he was given the best performance in the film The Watcher, which was praised by the audience.

This was followed by Keanu Reeves starring in the film Sweet November Hollywood in 2001 and the film was also praised by the audience. It was then starred by Keanu Reeves in the film Something’s Gotta Give Hollywood in 2003, which was praised by the audience. He also starred in The Matrix Reloaded Hollywood film in 2003. He also starred in the film The Matrix Revolutions. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the 2005 Constantine Hollywood film.

The acting by Keanu Reeves was highly praised by the audience when it was watched by Hollywood film audiences. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the 2006 film The Lake House Hollywood. Along with this, in 2006 he starred in the film A Scanner Darkly Hollywood. This was followed by Keanu Reeves in the 2008 film The Day the Earth Stood Still. Along with this, he has also acted in the 2008 movie Street King Hollywood, which has been praised by the audience.

This was followed by Keanu Reeves in 2013 starring in the 47 Ronin Hollywood film. Along with this, Keanu Reeves has starred in the 2013 Man of Tai Chi Hollywood film. In this way, Keanu Reeves has acted in many Hollywood films, which have been praised by the audience. He is a great Canadian country actor who worked in Hollywood films and has achieved success by acting with his hard work and dedication.

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