Top Best Quotes of MS Dhoni

When it comes to cricket, the name of the God of cricket is “Sachin Tendulkar”, first comes on the tongue. Even if he does not come, he has set so many records in the cricket world. At the moment, Sachin has now retired and many new faces have also come, but no one got the popularity like him. However, some players like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, etc. have reached there and of course, their names are big records but despite this, there is another player who is the first choice of fans of cricket world. we are talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian team. Dhoni’s initial phase was a bit of a struggle but luck also supported him and after that, as soon as Dhoni caught pace, after that he did not stop, he first got everyone’s attention because of his long hair on the cricket field and then Won everyone’s heart with their long shots. Dhoni’s specialty was more in his keeping than his batting. Today, there is no better keeper than Dhoni nor is there any record as much as his. In this article, we shared some of the best MS Dhoni Quotes.

Top Best Quotes of MS Dhoni ( Mahendra Singh Dhoni )


        ms dhoni quotes

“If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself. You don’t really know what the target is.”

ms dhoni quotes

“I believe in giving in more than 100% on the field, and I don’t really worry about the result if there’s great commitment on the field. That’s victory for me.”

ms dhoni quotes

“What doesn’t kill you, make you strong.”

ms dhoni quotes

“Frankly speaking. I don’t understand Duckworth-Lewis, I just wait for the umpire’s decision.”

ms dhoni quotes

“When you finish many games, people will always remember the ones you have not finished.”

ms dhoni quotes

“Till the full stop doesn’t come, The sentence is not complete.”

ms dhoni quotes

“Usually I don’t drink, I don’t get hangovers.”

ms dhoni quotes

“I don’t mind repeating everything.”

ms dhoni quotes

“It’s important to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. What’s done is done.”

ms dhoni quotes

“Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.”

ms dhoni quotes

“You die, You die. You don’t see which is a better way to die.”

ms dhoni quotes

“It’s like having 100 kgs put over you. After that, even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference.”

ms dhoni quotes

“I focus on cricket because it’s something I am good at.”

ms dhoni quotes

“You don’t play for the crowd. You play for the country.”

ms dhoni quotes

“No. I am on national duty. Everything else can wait.”

ms dhoni quotes

“We will try the laundry, that’s good, will keep us clean.”

ms dhoni quotes

“For me, It’s important to build good partnerships rather than score centuries. Once, You have those partnerships, you will also get centuries.”

ms dhoni quotes

“If you keep winning, you don’t know the areas you’ve to work hard.”

ms dhoni quotes

“I never allow myself to be pressured.”

ms dhoni quotes

“It’s important to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. What’s done is done.”

Born & Family

He was born on 7 July 1979 in Ranchi, Bihar, which is in Jharkhand today. His surname is Mahi. The people of the country also call him as Captain Cool, MSD, Thala.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s father’s name is Pan Singh Dhoni. Dhoni’s mother’s name is Devaki Devi. Many people do not know that Dhoni also has a brother who is older than him, his name is Narendra Singh Dhoni. Dhoni has a sister who is older than Dhoni whose name is Jayanthi Gupta. Dhoni’s wife’s name is Sakshi Dhoni and his daughter’s name is Zeeva Dhoni. Dhoni married Sakshi Singh Rawat on 7 July 2010.

Dhoni is from a Hindu Rajput family. His ancestral village Lavli is in Lamgra block of Almora district in Uttarakhand.

Dhoni’s childhood

Dhoni did his schooling from DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir. He was very interested in sports since childhood. He loved a lot of interest in the flower ball before the secret and goalkeeping. Seeing the performance of his Goal Keep, his sports teacher Keshav Ranjan Banerjee asked him to play in school cricket. Banerjee sir did not ask him to be a Goal keeper, Dhoni had a lot of interest in batting, but he used to get the wicket done. Dhoni gave his school an important victory in the Inter-School Trophy in 1979. Since then, he was also known for a little batting

In the Inter-School Trophy of 12 June 1949, Dhoni hit a double century, opening for the first time. Dhoni’s school hours were very struggling. He had to go to play matches at the time of Barve’s examination, which is why he used to do 3 hours of paper in two and a half hours and used to come from another city train. Dhoni played in many tournaments during his school time.

Dhoni is a master at hitting sixes, during that time, if a player used to die in Ranchi in six months, he used to get cash in cash, from here he started the process of dying his sixes. Dhoni initially played cricket on behalf of the Steel Authority. Later in 1919, he was selected by Deval Sahay to play cricket for the Central Coal Fields Limited team. Deval Sahay used to reward Dhoni 50 rupees for his Chakko.

Dhoni started playing in Ranji Trophy from 19 to 2000. After this, when Jharkhand got separated from Bihar, then he joined the Jharkhand cricket team.

In view of Dhoni’s good performance in domestic cricket, Dhoni was given the job of ticket collector by Railway Board Director AK Ganguly as the Railways have a sports quota and he needed a good wicketkeeper-batsman in South Asian Railway and Dhoni’s Seeing the performance of cricket, he got a job offer from TC. While both the ticket collector and playing cricket together, Dhoni started getting very confused, he could not understand at that time whether he would ever be able to play cricket for India or would just become a TC.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was the TC of Kharagpur city railway station. From this time, Dhoni started growing long hair. At the same time, Dhoni’s sister Jayanti was also married. Dhoni had hit 30 centuries in 6 months at this time in Ranjhi – Deodhar Trophy.

When Dhoni was a ticket collector, due to cricket, he had to stay away from duty many times and had to take a lot of leave, due to which someone complained against Dhoni, due to which Dhoni again took full care of cricket. Was given TC’s job.

Kiran More looked at Dhoni’s batting during the Duleep Trophy final of 2003-2003, after seeing his long sixes, he told Prakash Poddar about Dhoni and then reported him to Dhoni’s performance to the National Cricket Academy. Sent

Place in the Indian team

Dhoni was first selected for the Indian team – A. Dhoni was selected for the Zimbabwe and Kenyan tour in the 2007 ODI match. At that time Dhoni did 4 catches and 4 stumpings. Dhoni helped India A chase a target of 223 runs against Pakistan A in the tri-nation tournament involving Kenya, India A and Pakistan A. Continuing his good performance, he hit consecutive centuries. Dhoni scored 362 runs in 6 innings at an average of 62.80 and his performance in the series attracted the attention of others including the then Indian captain Sourav Ganguly and Ravi Shastri.

International One Day Career

Dhoni’s 1-day match started on 23 December 2004 in India’s tour of Bangladesh. Dhoni was run out in his first match at zero. Dhoni could not do anything special in his second match and was dismissed for 12 runs. After this, on 27 December 2004 in the third ODI, Dhoni hit a very impressive six over the last.

Only 19 runs were scored in three matches in this series. After the Bangladesh tour, India and Pakistan had a match, at this time Pakistan was on a tour of India. The first match was held on 2 April 2005, in this match, Dhoni was able to score only 3 runs.

Many people are mistaken that Priyanka had met a girl named Dhoni at the same time but he met her in 2002 when he was a state player, and when both were selected for India A team in 2006, only in Priyanka’s accident Had died. And Priyanka could never see him playing in the Indian team.

Dhoni scored his maiden century on 5 April 2005, starting the innings in Visakhapatnam. Doni gave up 14 runs on 123 balls. And it was a world record because no Indian batsman had given up so many runs in his first century before Dhoni. Dhoni had won the third position for the first time at that time. Saurabh Ganguly’s decision to field Dhoni at number 3 was made.

After this, Dhoni and Priyanka had become good friends.

After this, Dhoni’s magic hit the head of world cricket. None of the batsmen so far had a way of winning their matches. Dhoni put the helicopter shot in front of the world, however, this helicopter shot was taught by Dhoni to his beloved friend Santosh Lal. Santosh Lal is no longer in this world, he has died at the age of 32.

Dhoni never thought that he would play for the Indian team, he thought that he will always be a state player. After this, Sri Lanka toured India, then Dhoni played an innings of 173 runs, this is the highest score ever by Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dhoni was now emerging in front of the world as a great batsman and when India visited Pakistan, Dhoni also rained very badly in it. On February 13, 2007, Pakistan was stunned by Dhoni’s aggressive batting in the third ODI and India defeated Pakistan. After this, the Prime Minister of Pakistan praised Dhoni very much and asked him not to cut his big hair. India also won the fifth ODI by 4 wickets with Dhoni and Yuvraj’s best bets.

Since then Dhoni came to be known as a finisher.

But in the 2007 World Cup in India, India lost to Bangladesh on 14 March 2007 and Bahrat was out of the World Cup. India still does not forget this necklace. Due to the defeat, there was a lot of performance against Dhoni, the Indian team faced a lot of criticism.

After this, Dhoni was made the captain of the Indian team for the T-20 World Cup 2007 and India won the 2007 T-20 World Cup under Dhoni’s dance, losing the final to Pakistan on 24 September 2007. After this Dhoni was also made the captain of the ODI team. It was a new format of cricket, in which only 20–20 overs are played and India won it in the first year of this format.

After this, Dhoni brought every success to the Indian team leaving behind every history.

Dhoni is a returning captain who has won all three major ICC trophies. At this time Dhoni became the best batsman in the world and first-class batsman.

Dhoni then won several series and made many histories after this.

Then Dhoni won the World Cup to India in 2011 when India was hosting the World Cup.

Dhoni tried to get India the World Cup after 24 years, before that in 1983, Kapil Dev had won. Dhoni scored 95 not out by defeating Sri Lanka in the final.

Dhoni’s highlights

Dhoni’s jersey is number 7.

Dhoni played the first Test match against Sri Lanka on 2 December 2005 and played the last Test against Australia on 7 December 2016. In the last Test, Dhoni retired from Test cricket.

Dhoni played a total of 90 matches in Test matches, scoring 6 runs in which the maximum runs were 224.

Dhoni has scored 6 centuries, 33 half-centuries in Tests. Dhoni has done 256 catches and 34 stumpings while keeping the key.

Dhoni’s first ODI was played against Bangladesh on 23 December 2007.

Dhoni has played 349 matches so far, in which he has 1,0500 runs in 249 innings. Which has 10 centuries and 61 half-centuries Dhoni is a returning batsman who has scored a batting century at number seven.

Dhoni’s highest score is 173 not out.

Dhoni played his first T20 against South Africa on 1 December 2007. In this, Dhoni has played 302 T20s so far, in which he has scored 6237 runs in 282 innings. Which includes 2 half-centuries.

In March 2013, Dhoni became the most successful Indian Test captain, when he assumed Sourav Ganguly’s record of 21 wins in 79 Tests.

Dhoni resigned from his captaincy on 15 January 2014, after which Virat Kohli became the new captain of India.

It is due to Dhoni that Rohit Sharma became the number 2 batsman of the world today. Dhoni asked Rohit to bat initially and since then Rohit is a successful player.

Dhoni had shaved off his big hair after winning the T-20 World Cup in 2007 and had his head shaved after winning the 2011 World Cup.

On 1 November 2011, Dhoni was conferred with the Lieutenant Colonel by the Chief of the Indian Army.

Dhoni is a returned player after Kapil Dev, who has been given this position.

Dhoni says that after cricket he will work in the Indian Army in some way or the other.

Dhoni in IPL

ICL started in India in 2006. Then BCCI converted it to IPL and played its franchise.

In the Indian Premier League, which started in 2007, Dhoni was bought by the Chennai Super Kings for the most money, Dhoni, the most expensive player at that time, was bought for $ 1.5 million. Chennai finished second in the first year. In its third season 2010, Chennai won the first IPL title by defeating Mumbai Indians. The next year again, Chennai won in 2011.

Chennai has beaten in the final of the IPL 4 times and in 2015 Chennai was banned for 2 years in match-fixing, due to this Dhoni Rising Pune Supergiants played by Dhoni by 1 run in the final of the team in 2016. Went Then, after coming out of the two-year ban, last year Dhoni made Chennai Superking for the third time. Right now the IPL 2019 is going on and Chennai is again going to be a coral contender for the title.

Dhoni’s criticisms

Dhoni has faced criticism many times, but each time Dhoni has given a befitting reply to his critics by making his cricket flourish. Today there is no better wicket-keeper batsman in the world. Dhoni has a world record in wicket keeping and run runs in the fastest run and stumping. Dhoni likes people of every country. Dhoni never gets angry, so he is called Captain Cool. Dhoni has never played cricket to set a record.

Dhoni has scored 60% bets on the 5th to 9th place. Dhoni is as good a player as he is a good man. He also does much social work.

Ultimately, Dhoni was great yesterday and is still today and will continue to be. A player like him comes once in centuries. And the less we can write about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the less. He is considered an ace of spades for the 2019 World Cup. Only Dhoni can win the 2019 World Cup in England.

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