Top 30+ Best Quotes of Shri Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the face of Indian politics, who has changed the definition of politics of the country in just a few years. Not only did the opposition disintegrate like playing cards in front of their exact strategy, but they have also proved successful in identifying the world as a global leader. This is the reason why People gets a glimpse of a hero in Modi ji. Modi is the only politician who is respected even abroad. In the world community, Modi keeps his relations on equal footing and friendships are also equal and that is why today the world is convinced of Modi’s diplomacy. Modi ji has touched the sky-high, but his eyes are always on the ground. Every step of Modi ji is bringing prosperity in the life of the poor people living at the bottom of society. Whether it is the Ujjwala scheme of the Central Government, or Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao or Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, all these schemes aim to improve the standard of living of women and girls in rural areas. Every step of Modi ji is to become a better India by following the path shown by the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. So let’s know about this most powerful and influential politician of India, In this article, we share some of the Best Narendra Modi Quotes.

Wise words of Narendra Modi:

“We believe in VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM: The whole world is a family. This is in our DNA. This is in our genetic system. I belong to a culture which says ‘The whole world is one family’. How can we hate any community? Even any person? It’s impossible!”

“If there is education, there will be everything in life. The government can make roads, hospitals and also construct school buildings. But your homes can brighten up only if your children are educated. I am confident that if we focus on education, our society will certainly develop.”

Top 30+ Best Narendra Modi Quotes

Narendra modi quotes

“Hard work never brings fatigue. It brings satisfaction.”

Narendra modi quotes

“I will make such a wonderful India that all Americans will stand in a line to get a visa for India.”

Narendra modi quotes

“We live in an inter-dependent world. An isolated India is not in our interest.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Mind is never a problem mindset is.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Once we decide we have to do something, we can go miles ahead.”

Narendra modi quotes

“We walk together, we move together, we think together, we resolve together, and together we take this country forward.”

Narendra modi quotes

“An opportunity to work is good luck for me. I put my soul into it. Each such opportunity opens the get for the next one.”

Narendra modi quotes

“My mother is not educated but keeps in touch with world events through news on TV.”

Narendra modi quotes

“We are not here for any positions but for responsibility.”

Narendra modi quotes

“A son of a poor man is standing in front of you today. This is the strength of a democracy.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Our constitution is a ray of hope: H for harmony, O for opportunity, P for people’s participation, and E for equality.”

Narendra modi quotes

“If seeds of good humanity and good culture are sown, the reward of a rich harvest can be reaped by generations to come. Education means such sowing, such implanting.”

Narendra modi quotes

“This country has not made by politicians, Kings or governments. It has been made by farmers, laborers, our mothers, sisters and youth.”

Narendra modi quotes

“In my life mission is everything. Even if I was a municipal chairman, I would have worked as hard as a CM.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Desire + Stability = Resolution,
Resolution + Hardwork = Success.”

Narendra modi quotes

“We do not need acts but action.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Religion to me is devotion to work and devotedly working is being religious.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Our country does not believe in the concept of your God and my God. We believe that all gods are one. We have different ways of accepting him. All ways lead to him.”

Narendra modi quotes

“No matter at what speed I move forward, I am never satisfied. If today I run at a speed of 100, I keep the aim of running at 200. The world has gone far ahead and we need to match that level.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Each one of us has both; good and evil virtues. Those who decide to focus on the good once succeed in life.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Individual efforts can bring excellence but only collective efforts can deliver effectively.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Each one of us has a natural instinct to risk, like a flame of the lamp. Lets nurture this instinct.”

Narendra modi quotes

“Yoga guarantees wellness as well as fitness. Yoga is not merely an exercise but a way to attain peace through physical, mental and spiritual well being.”

Narendra modi quotes

“People’s blessings give you the power to work tirelessly. the only thing required is commitment.”

Full Name Narendra Damodardas Modi
Birthday Vadnagar, Gujarat on 17 September 1950
Father Name Damodardas Moolchand Modi
Mother Name Hiraben Modi
विवाह (Wife Name) Jasoda Ben Chimanlal Modi, teacher (He does not live with his wife, did not live together by mutual consent after marriage and joined Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)
Education BA and MA in Political Science

Narendra Modi Ji’s childhood spent in many struggles and poverty – spent tea selling – Narendra Modi Life Story

One of India’s most powerful and influential politicians, Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in a poor family in Vadnagar, a small town in Mehsana district of Gujarat. Vadnagar used to come in Bombay State earlier. Narendra Modi’s parents’ name is Hiraben and Damodardas Moolchand Modi.

She was referred to as Naria in childhood. Narendra Modi’s father used to live and sell his tea to his family. At the same time, seeing the pitiable condition of his house, Narendra Modi also filled his stomach by selling tea at the railway station with his father and brothers.

At the same time, despite facing many hardships and many struggles in childhood, Modi ji never got disappointed and continued on his duty as a great man with his steely intentions, that is why today he is counted among the most powerful people in the world. And become the Prime Minister of the country representing India with its positive attitude.

Only after a few years of marriage, he pursued a saintly life, gave up his home – Narendra Modi Marriage

Born in an economically weak Modh-Ghanchi family, Narendra Modi ji is the third son of his parents. He was married to Jashodaben at an early age, Narendra Modi had graduated from high school at the same time, so he rejected his marriage.

In fact, after a few years, Modi ji abandoned his home and roamed in different parts of India to gain knowledge. Jashoda Ben previously taught as a teacher in a government school, which is now retired. According to some reports, Modi ji was definitely married, but after the marriage, both of them never stayed together.

The dream of studying in Sainik School could not be fulfilled due to financial constraints – Narendra Modi Education

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is a person of very intelligent and extraordinary talent since childhood, who is very fond of reading and writing since childhood. From the very beginning, he considers Swami Vivekananda as his ideal and follows the path given by him.

Narendra Modi ji had the virtue of patriotism from the very beginning, so he wanted to study in the Army School and join the Indian Army, for this he had tried a lot, but due to poor financial condition of the family, His dream of getting admission in army school was just a dream. At the moment, Narendra Modi ji completed his early education from Vadnagar, Gujarat.

His speech skills are praised right from the beginning. Modi ji is adept at attracting everyone’s attention with his speech from the beginning.

Let us tell you that Modi ji earned his BA in Political Science from Delhi University. And then in 1980, he completed his MA in Political Science from the University of Gujarat in Ahmedabad to pursue higher education.

Narendra Modi’s political career started with National Self-Service Association (RSS) – Narendra Modi in RSS

Narendra Modi ji had a sense of patriotism and patriotism from the very beginning, so after finishing his college studies, he joined the Hindu nationalist political party Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as a pracharak . After this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji played important responsibilities of the Sangh in different provinces of the country.

RSS was also banned during the year 1975-1977 when former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency in the country. Then Narendra Modi had to travel in a disguised way to avoid arrest. Narendra Modi also strongly opposed the introduction of Emergency in the country at that time.

After this, he was also sent by Swayamsevak Sangh to join the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The political journey of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji – Narendra Modi political career

After joining Narendra BJP in 1987, Narendra Modi played his important role to strengthen the party’s base. With this, the BJP reached new heights of success through his efficient strategy and later he himself emerged as the Prime Minister of the country, contesting elections from the BJP party itself.

For the first time after joining the BJP, Modi ji played his active participation in speeding up the BJP’s campaign in the Corporation elections held in Ahmedabad, in which the BJP won. During this time Modi used his efficient strategy to promote privatization of small government, industries etc. After this, in the year 1988, the party, realizing the skill power of Modi ji, appointed him to the post of Organizing Secretary of Gujarat Branch.

In the year 1990, Modi ji used his political skills and took an active part in the conduct of Ayodhya Rath Yatra of BJP veteran LK Advani ji and formed a coalition government. From here, he attracted the attention of the party.

During this time the BJP had realized the amazing work potential of Modi ji. After this, during the year 1991-1992, when senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi’s Ekta Yatra was taken out, during this time Narendra Modi ji had made his significant contribution in strengthening the position of the party. And after this Modi ji continued to gain importance in the party. In the 1995 assembly elections held in Gujarat, the BJP gained 121 seats and came to power.

During this time, due to differences between Shankar Lal Vaghela and Modi, Shankar Lal Vaghela resigned from the party, after which Keshubhai Patel of Gujarat was made the Chief Minister of Gujarat, while Narendra Modi was given party activities in Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. Appointed as National Secretary to handle. At the same time, Narendra Modi ji moved towards New Delhi to fulfil this new responsibility with full sincerity and honesty and here he impressed everyone with his efficient strategic efficiency.

After this, in the year 1998, Modi ji was appointed as the General Secretary of the party. While in this post, Modi ji took his responsibility very well, during this time he worked to strengthen the party organization in many different states.

PM Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat – Narendra Modi as Gujarat Cm

In 2001, when Keshubhai Patel was in charge of Gujarat as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Keshubhai’s health started deteriorating, which had an impact on the elections in the state. At the same time, due to the weak conduct of the party in this election, BJP lost many assembly seats in the state.

After which, to strengthen the BJP’s position in Gujarat, senior party leaders selected a new and strong candidate for the BJP’s post as Narendra Modi and then handed over the responsibility of Chief Minister to Modi.

However, during that time Modi ji did not have much political experience, due to which senior BJP leader LK Advani ji and late Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji were considering giving him the responsibility of the post of Deputy Chief Minister and Modi ji as a whole The CM did not want to hand over the responsibility of the post. But Modi ji had refused to become the Deputy Chief Minister, saying that if he takes over the responsibility of Gujarat, he will take over fully or he will not rule the power of Gujarat in this way.

On 7 October 2001, Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time. After this, his stars continued to touch the highs and he never looked back. Narendra Modi ji contested for the second constituency of Rajkot for the first time and in this election, he defeated Congress candidate Ashwin Mehta by 14 thousand, 728 votes and then he held the post of Chief Minister of Gujarat.

And while in this position, he got unprecedented development in Gujarat and he managed to win the trust of the people. However, just a few days after winning the by-election, Modi ji’s name was linked to the Godhra Kand in Gujarat in 2002. He was charged with inciting communal riots in Gujarat.

After which Modi ji had to resign from the post of CM of Gujarat due to pressure from opposition parties and Congress. Due to which his first term as CM of Gujarat was only for a few days. At the same time, when the investigation committee was told that all the allegations against Modi in this case were baseless and he was given a green signal by the court in this matter, then Narendra Modi was again made the Chief Minister of his home state of Gujarat.

During this tenure, Narendra Modi also changed the picture of Gujarat, he made all efforts to make Gujarat a dream state and did many developmental works to provide all facilities to the people. During this time, not only did he provide electricity to every village and gave a new direction to the tourism of the state, but also solved the problem of the people of the state who are facing water scarcity. For the first time, all the rivers of a state of India were linked together.

Modi ji also built technology and financial parks in Gujarat during this period. Not only this, during his second term of CM in Gujarat, Modi ji also signed a real estate investment deal worth billions in Gujarat at the Vibrant Gujarat summit. At the same time in 2007, he became the first Chief Minister to serve the longest in the political history of Gujarat.

Due to the development works done by Narendra ji in Gujarat, he went into the eyes of the people of the state and emerged as his most favourite Chief Minister. In the Gujarat assembly elections held in 2007, Narendra Modi ji again won, taking the post of CM of Gujarat for the third consecutive time. During his third term as CM, Modi also laid great emphasis on the economic development and privatization of the state. During this period, there was an unprecedented improvement in the state of the agricultural sector.

Not only this, but the largest solar system of Mahadhip was also constructed in Gujarat. In this way, Gujarat became a much more developing state than other states of India in every respect. In addition to this, Modi ji started the Sadbhavana / Goodwill Mission in rural areas in the year 2011-2012 to make the atmosphere of peace and harmony in Gujarat stronger.

After this, in the 2012 assembly elections held in Gujarat, Narendra Damodar Das Modi won a historic victory by securing 182 seats and he became the Chief Minister of the state for the fourth consecutive time. In this way, Narendra Modi, as an ideal CM in his tenure, paid close attention to every aspect of development in the state and made Gujarat, which is struggling with tough times, the second best and ideal state in the world and its identity of a capable ruler Developed as.

Modi ji’s interesting journey from Chief Minister to becoming Prime Minister – Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister

For the first time in the 2014 elections, BJP got an absolute majority: After becoming Chief Minister of Gujarat for 4 consecutive times, the magic of Narendra Modi was speaking to the people, while seeing his popularity, senior BJP leaders made Narendra Modi the party Assigned the responsibility of the post of Speaker and he thus appeared as a candidate for the post of Prime Minister in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

While some senior leaders of the party, including Lal Krishna Advani, had expressed dissent for Modi’s PM candidature during this period, Modi proved once again that he won both the seats of Vadodara and Varanasi during that time. Are a good candidate for candidature.

After this Modi ji started his rallies all over the country from 15 September 2013 on all the issues related to the people of the country. During this, he held about 437 election rallies across the country, through these rallies, Modi made the people of the country aware of many economic, social and political issues and tried to know the problems related to the people at the grassroots level. With this, during this period Modi ji created a new consciousness within all the countrymen.

Meanwhile, Modi was also very active on social media and put his point in front of the public with the help of social media platforms. During the campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the program ” Chai par Charcha ” started by Modi ji was also very popular. Through this program, Modi has succeeded in reaching out to the people and knowing the problems of the people closely.

After this, as if the Modi wave had swept across the country, Modi’s thoughts and strategies influenced the people so much that people won him with huge votes. In the 2014 general elections, BJP registered a historic victory by securing 282 seats out of 534 seats. In this way Narendra Modi became a new face as the Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of the country – Narendra Modi as a Prime Minister of India

Narendra Modi took the oath of secrecy as the 15th Prime Minister of India on May 26, 2014, after winning the party’s historic victory in the 2014 general election with his tactful strategy. Narendra Modi ji handled the responsibility of his Prime Minister’s post.

During this time, he not only strengthened the economy of the country but also made commendable efforts to remove poverty, unemployment and corruption from the country. Modi ji launched all schemes keeping in mind the interests of all sections of women, children, elderly, businessmen, farmers, youth etc.

Awareness was given to people about cleanliness by running a cleanliness campaign in India. After assuming the responsibility of the post of Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji made an effort to strengthen India’s relations with other countries by touring one after the other and also encouraging foreign businesses to invest in India. In the field of education, health, security, transport, roads, entertainment, etc., Modi did many things.

Also made people aware of programs like Make in India and Digital India. Through his positive thinking and developmental work, he has established his image as a favourite Prime Minister in the heart of the people and this also resulted in the election of 2019.

Prime Minister became the second time by registering a massive victory in the 2019 general elections – Narendra Modi Prime Minister 2019

Narendra Modi, who has made his image as a capable and powerful Prime Minister, contested again in the general election in 2019 with the candidature for the post of PM and in this election he also cast his spell. By winning 353 seats out of 542 seats, he trounced the 70-year-old Congress Party and created a history in the 2019 elections with his strategy.

And in this way, Hindustan did not find the Prime Minister as Prime Minister, but as Narendra Modi. In this way, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again won the trust of Aamam and secured the post of PM for the second time, and he is constantly working for the development of the people of the country.

Narendra Modi as a Global Leader – Narendra Modi Global Leader

According to his strong foreign policy, Modi has made a different identity of Hindustan on the world by touring abroad, due to which the Hindustan is running step by step with the world fraternity. It is the result of Modi ji’s efficient strategy and diplomacy, countries which India did not even cherish before, today only those countries are forced to extend a hand of friendship.

Narendra Modi participated in the BRICS, SAARC, United Nations and G20 summits where he presented India as a strong nation. After this, Modi’s far-reaching thinking and tremendous views were also highly appreciated. At the same time, India-Japan relations got strengthened after Modi ji’s visit to Japan.

Apart from this, Narendra Modi ji is the first Prime Minister of the country to visit Mongolia. Along with this, PM Modi’s visits to China and South Korea also proved to be very successful in terms of bringing investment into India.

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