Seville is an ancient Andalusian city with numerous historical sights, green parks, cozy streets, and majestic squares. Locals and tourists love to spend time walking through colorful markets and elite tapas bars. Real estate in Seville offers unique features and great investment potential. In this article, we will take a closer look at the areas of the city that are in the greatest demand among buyers.

The perfect areas to live in Seville

If you’ve been to Seville before, you’ve probably been fascinated by its rich cultural and architectural heritage. If you like to immerse yourself in a special holiday atmosphere, even on the way to work, this southern city is perfect for you. It hosts many holidays, festivals and fairs. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy these events. Creative people will find inspiration and close-minded colleagues here. But summer is very hot here, and the nearest coast is about 120 kilometers away.


Cartuja is a small island on the Guadalquivir River, which locals also call one of the best areas to live in. It became famous all over the world thanks to the 1992 World’s Fair and the popular amusement park. It is located not far from the technopark and the buildings of modern companies, so young professionals who have moved to Seville tor work choose Cartuja.


Triana is known as the heart of Seville. This is a pleasant area near the central part of the city. Investors are interested in local real estate because it offers the highest rental yield. Landlords can expect 12-13% profit. The average cost of housing in Triana is 220,000 euros.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is an old Jewish neighborhood bordering the central square of the city. It is considered one of the most iconic quarters of the autonomous community of Andalusia. Tourists and property buyers can find here:

  • colorful atmosphere,
  • cobbled streets,
  • historical sights,
  • tapas bars, and so on.


Nervion is one of the most peaceful and quiet areas of Seville. This part of the city consists of restaurants, schools, shopping malls, green spaces, and other infrastructure facilities. The average cost of real estate in Nervion is about 400,000 euros, depending on the location, layout, and other features.


To the north of the historic center of the city is Macarena, one of the barrios of Seville. It is popular with tourists because of the preserved parts of the old Moorish wall. The wall was built by the ancient Almohad dynasty, which ruled Muslim Spain from the 12th to the beginning of the 13th century. It stretched between the Puerta de Cordoba and the Puerta de la Macarena. Macarena is now an important commercial area where the Andalusian Parliament operates, as well as the Mercado de la Feria, the city’s oldest market.

Los Remedios

Los Remedios is another quiet area where you can enjoy long walks. It is located far from the center of Seville, so there are no crowds of tourists here. Los Remedios real estate is in demand among families and people who appreciate a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The average cost of a local apartment is 204,000 euros. The rental yield in this part of the city is low – about 6-7%.

Start investing in Seville real estate

The thriving tourism in Seville gives investors a great opportunity to make money on the local housing market. Every year, the number of foreigners coming to the city and looking for housing for rent increases by 3.21%. You can find a property that will bring profit in the future in the catalog at Spain-Real.Estate – Contact the company’s specialists to get advice on issues related to Spanish real estate, support during the transaction, and after-sales service.

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