The new and upgraded QuickBooks version includes features to help your business with improved cash management, data synchronization, and improved processing speed. It is designed to help business owners focus on what matters most to their business, with simplified financial information, connectivity, and collaboration with clients. The new QuickBooks also features an intuitive design that makes navigating the software easier than previous versions of the software.

QuickBooks subscription-based model:

QuickBooks have changed their payments process by eliminating the selling of products for one-time payments. Instead, the desktop version of QuickBooks now only sells Pro, Premier, and Mac versions as Plus on a yearly subscription basis. QuickBooks Desktop 2022 is now called Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Mac Plus, and it is already available as a subscription with third-party best Quickbooks desktop cloud hosting provider. This will help value-added businesses that presently have both QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus and Premier Plus with more features.

64-bit version support:

QuickBooks Desktop can only be installed on computers running 64-bit Windows and you can verify this by verifying the installation. Press F2 to open QuickBooks and it will take you to System Information. The product information window is displayed at the top and in the center. You can find the current version, release, and 64-bit type in the table below.

Uploading of invoices via mobile devices.

Use the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app to take a picture of your supplier’s invoice or ask them to email you an invoice directly. When you upload a vendor invoice from the QuickBooks Desktop Vendor mobile app, QuickBooks Desktop creates a Vendor Invoice transaction for review and approval. A digital copy of your bill is stored on your computer for later review. However, you can only email or download supplier invoices if you are a user associated with an Intuit account for QuickBooks Desktop Company files which is not in the case when QuickBooks is hosted on the cloud and accessed through Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.

The approval process for Bills:

With the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop if you’re selling items that don’t require an invoice just simply send them a link and the customers can check out quickly and conveniently without any hassle.

​Sending mails to multiple customer contacts at once:

New integration with the email platform now allows you to conveniently email invoices to multiple customers directly from within QuickBooks easily.
Automated and customized bill payment tabs:

Maintain professional and consistent communications with suppliers using custom billing receipts. Your invoice will contain all important information about your payment, including the QuickBooks logo, date, type of service provided, and more.
Fast deposit

Get paid when your customers pay online without delay. You can get your money right away, even late at night, even on weekends and holidays.


The new version of QuickBooks Desktop brought many updates to its software. In addition to bringing improved stability and reliability to QuickBooks, it also includes new features that help users understand their business more efficiently. 

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