Sports betting apps are rapidly increasing in popularity as the sports and betting worlds collide. When it comes to choosing the right one, it would be wise to spend time gathering information as to which will do the best job of suiting your needs. Nowadays, most people are spending their time on phones instead of at a computer, so it was obvious years ago that every bookmaker should have a mobile app for their users.

When you are looking for a sports betting app, you should always make sure they come from a legitimate source, which is usually Google Play or App Store for iPhone. Both of these stores are checking the applications that are implemented so you can be safe.

The number of users usually matters, but sometimes when you are downloading a new app, it won’t have too many downloads. You might find something that’s quite valuable for you, so it’s better to check the inside and out and then make a decision.

Picking the Right Sportsbook Betting App

When picking the right sportsbook betting app, consider how easy it is to use the app by downloading a few and finding the right fit. Whether you’re a gambling beginner or a seasoned professional, subtle differences can make or break the betting experience.

One of the things that is beneficial for new players and those that are willing to step up a notch is a free-to-play option. Free-to-play means that you can try out many betting strategies before putting them to a real test with real money. This is a good idea when you want to gather some information about the profits that you can potentially make and how big a win percentage you need for it.

Sportsbooks also regularly offer promo codes for both new and returning customers. Because of this, it would be wise to regularly cycle through the various apps to see what bonuses are available. This way, you can maximize your chances of a big payday.

theScore News App

theScore app is mostly focused on the “Big Four” U.S. sports (those being football, hockey, basketball, and baseball), but there’s information about every major event that is happening around the world. It’s one of the apps that you must have if you want to follow the latest news and use it to your advantage. It can be a bit overwhelming when you see how much news is out there, but that’s why you should figure out a strategy first so your news will be accurate.

A good tip is to focus only on one sport if they have a lot of games during the season or a couple of them that are played only once a week. For example, during the fall season, the NHL and NBA have matches that are played almost every single day, so narrowing your focus can help you avoid big losses.

theScore is also the place where you can follow live scores and check the statistics of the teams. This can also be very valuable if you are betting on teams that are constantly playing against each other. They are not focused on the World Cup like other news pages but when it comes to betting, sometimes you won’t focus only on the major events.


If you are a soccer fan, OneFootball is one of the best apps to use, especially during the World Cup, because they are covering what is going on in and ahead of each game. It’s not a betting app where you can gamble. Instead, you will gather info from it and visit other applications that are used for betting.

You can read a bunch of news but also check the analytics for each match and what professionals think about the upcoming clashes. There are numerous apps like this, but the competition is huge, and being among the top spots is hard to achieve.

When you start betting on sports, you will definitely need a few applications that you can use for gathering info, statistics, organization, and betting in the end. Your strategy and budget will matter the most, so make a plan before you start spending money. Even if it takes a week to do, it’s better to have a solid strategy than to rely only on luck.

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