Why Did Jared Leave Brokenwood Mysteries?Why Did Jared Leave Brokenwood Mysteries?

One of the most intriguing mysteries off-screen in the world of television is the actors’ sudden departures from their long-term roles. It instigates curiosity among fans and leads to lots of speculations. A similar situation occurred when Jared Morehu surprisingly took a bow from the popular series, Brokenwood Mysteries. Fans have been left wondering about the potential reasons that caused this departure, specifically at the end of Season 7.

Possible Reasons for Jared’s Departure

Jared’s exit from Brokenwood Mysteries certainly raised numerous questions among its viewers— was it due to personal reasons, or was there an upcoming career opportunity that took precedence? It’s widely understood that such a significant decision isn’t made frivolously– the actual reasons can vary from personal to professional.

Personal reasons and Family reasons:

Often, actors opt to quit to focus more on their personal life. They may decide to focus on their family, to be closer to their family, or to support their family. The hectic schedules of film sets can rob them of their personal space, becoming a driving force to take a break from acting, to spend more time with their loved ones, or even to retire.

Job offer:

Perhaps a lucrative job offer elsewhere ignited the change, maybe a different TV show or film that promised a more challenging or appealing role.

Creative differences and Unhappiness with the role:

Divergence in the artistic vision is common between actors and their director or producer. Creative differences about the direction of the character development or a growing unhappiness with the role can stimulate actors like Jared to move on.

Health reasons:

Prioritizing health and wellness is crucial, and actors aren’t immune to this universal rule. A decision to leave could stem from the need to take care of his health or because of an unforeseen medical situation.

Scheduling conflicts:

Actors often juggle multiple projects simultaneously. Scheduling conflicts can provoke difficult decisions like leaving a beloved character behind.

Disagreement with the producers:

At times, these decisions can be attributed to a disagreement with the producers over matters concerning the show, other cast members or personal disparities, leading to an unwillingness to continue.

Speculation About Jared’s Departure

With a character as loved as Jared, the fans and media couldn’t help but speculate the motives behind his departure. Some think he left due to pivoting priorities, or others suggest potential health problems. Regardless of all the theories, it’s important to remember these are mere speculations.

Jared’s Statement About His Departure

In public space, Jared has remained reticent about his reasons for leaving Brokenwood Mysteries. Nonetheless, he ensured to thank his fanbase via social media, acknowledging his unforgettable journey as Jared. He conveyed his heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity to play such a character, expressing his fondness for his co-stars and crew, including Nic Sampson.

This move could also be a part of his journey to explore new horizons. It could mean he decided to travel the world, or maybe to write a book, or possibly to start a business. There’s always a possibility that Jared decided to give back to his community, or to follow his dreams in a surprisingly different field, to live his best life. However, these are all potential reasons, and the true reason remains known only to Jared himself.


Ultimately, despite all the theories that are floating around, the real reason why Jared left Brokenwood Mysteries is known exclusively to him. While his absence might be felt by the show’s loyal fans, it’s crucial to respect his decision. After all, only Jared himself knows the best path for his career and personal journey.

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