The last few years have been difficult for us and have tested our mental health and entire morale. We had to find methods to be cheerful despite the lockdowns, staying indoors, and restrictions that are still in place.  

We had access to various inspiring accounts thanks to social platforms like Instagram, where motivating quotations, stories, experiences, films, and photographs kept us interested, intrigued, and happy. Many of these accounts have been around for a long time, motivating individuals to improve their lives via self-development and spreading the idea that optimism originates from within. Here are 9 motivational pages on Instagram that you can like and follow.  

1. Humans of New York

Instagram Handle – @humansofny

Are you lonely? Take a look at this inspiring Instagram account. Humans of New York, unquestionably one of the world’s most recognized blogs, began as a photography assignment by Brandon Stanton in 2010. It began dominating social media in 2011 with Facebook, and its official page now has nearly 18 million followers. The success has followed them to Instagram, where they are gaining followers every day.

With almost 5,000 entries about New Yorkers and their remarkable stories of love, compassion, loss, obstacles, courage, and achievements, readers can feel a strong connection right away. Isn’t it cool? Humans of New York has inspired people all around the world to start similar projects in their cities.

2. Motivation Mondays

Instagram Handle – @motivation_mondays

Let’s be honest with each other, Mondays are often disliked by most people. Going back to work and waiting for the weekend to arrive might be depressing. If you’re suffering from the Monday blues, don’t worry; simply follow Motivation Monday, the best Instagram feed for dealing with your #MondayBlues issues. Motivation Mondays blow in like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, filling us with optimism with their inspirational phrases, each one greater than the last.

The Insta feed is brimming with inspirational quotations and sayings from celebrities that you want to print out and display across your home.  Follow this Inspirational Instagram account right now for a daily dose of motivation to get you through your hectic day.

3. Do Something

Instagram Handle – @dosomething

This internet platform is mobilizing young people all over the world (so far in 131 countries!) to make a social impact by participating in their numerous campaigns and projects. Anyone can participate in and donate to the causes that inspire them in their areas! Campaigns are designed to be location-independent, require no financial resources, and are simple to participate in.

Of course, their digital platform is fantastic, but their Instagram account is worth following for the motivational content, celebrity contributions, campaign announcements, book and follow recommendations, and a few amusing memes thrown in for good measure. Not only will it brighten your feed, but it will also inspire you to take action (large or small!) to make a genuine difference for the issues you care about.

4. Good HQ

Instagram Handle – @goodhq

The news on GOOD’s Instagram feed comes from all over the world, but it’s not the news you’re used to hearing. They exclusively offer good news, as you might anticipate from their name. Each day, their short, colorful posts provide a headline of something wonderful or inspiring that happened around the globe, along with links to discover more. Scientific studies, politics, and feel-good stories are all covered.

Opening our eyes to the problems in the world might sometimes motivate us to take action. How can we alter things if we are unaware of what is happening? But we all need a little optimism now and then, especially in a world where news travels fast and is dominated by tragedy, calamity, and dread. Scientists are making progress. Countries pursuing inclusive policies. The environment has benefited greatly. Individuals who are inspiring and bringing change in their neighborhoods.

Following GOOD will remind you of all the wonderful things that are happening in the world, how people are working hard to solve the problems they see, and how you, too, can make a difference.

5. Reading For Growth

Instagram Handle – @readingforgrowth

What percentage of your time do you spend reading outside of school? This account began as a method to share the passion for reading and personal growth. He recommends novels that will not only entertain you but also help you improve. Lists of different books about specific topics are part of the regular content (goal-setting, confidence, and morning routines are three recent ones). 

By scrolling back to locate the list that suits you, you can find a book for everything you wish to better. Alex, the person behind it, is a university student in the United Kingdom, therefore the books he reads and recommends aren’t your grandfather’s self-help books!

We all know we ought to read more, and seeing this account on your newsfeed might just be the motivation you need! “But I don’t have much time to read because I’m so busy!” It’s still worth following for his concise summaries and lists of lessons gained from recent reads, as well as favorite lines from favorite books. Who knows what you might discover?!

6. The Dodo

Instagram Handle – @thedodo

If you scroll through this Instagram account, you’ll either smile or cry, but you’ll only leave with positive feelings. The Dodo has videos of rescued animals, pets and their owners, and animals having a good time.

It has a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, in addition to Instagram. The Dodo was founded in 2014 by Isabel Lerer and is named after the first species to go extinct owing to human activity. It also promotes animal rights through a variety of programs.

7. My Self-love Supply

Instagram Handle – @myselflovesupply

Starting to love oneself is a genuine technique to boost one’s positivity in life. As the name implies, the account promotes self-love through a steady stream of positive messages that include inspiring quotes, lessons on cooperation, and simple images depicting various feelings we experience. 

There are also suggestions for increasing self-love with an emphasis on mental and physical well-being. Their official website, which was launched in 2019, also includes content on essential topics like anxiety.

8. Five Minute Journal

Instagram Handle – @fiveminutejournal

This Instagram account uses motivational quotations from celebrities and mindfulness practices to enhance your outlook on life, one post at a time. It urges you to set aside five minutes each day for yourself to find serenity. The account recommends gratitude journaling, which is writing down things for which you are grateful. All of these have contributed to a steady follower growth for this account.  

This is intended to both instill a healthy habit and shift attention to the positive. You can use their Five Minute Journal for this, which is a simple diary with a simple style that allows you to note things you’re grateful for and affirmations. Tim Ferriss, the New York Times best-selling author, is one of the most renowned users of the journal.

9. Girl Boss

Instagram Handle – @girlboss

Girl Boss is a worldwide network of strong and ambitious women who encourage, empower, entertain, support, and educate women about their rights. This is accomplished through a variety of activities, including career possibilities, community participation, conversations about topics like inclusion, and motivating tips, among others.

The Girl Boss Instagram account is a blend of heavy activism and social comedy that, in addition to bringing a grin of optimism to your face, instills confidence. Check out Vivien’s film, in which she satirizes the discrimination against women, even in the way emails are written, in a comical yet powerful way.


There’s no disputing that Instagram is a never-ending source of inspiration, and being overwhelmed by all of the stunning accounts is normal for every person. We’ve all been drawn into the Instagram vortex in search of new and interesting accounts to follow. Let’s confront it: it’s a wormhole that can lead to nothing good. You can follow the accounts listed and get your daily dose of motivation.

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