Today we’re going to be looking at Bone Necromancer build in Diablo 4. To be honest, I didn’t have much interest in playing Necromancer until I started putting together this build. But Bone Necromancer has the highest single-target damage of all classes. You will be able to equip it easily.


We used 80 Aspects and Diablo 4 Gold for this build, which you can get by simply completing the campaign or completing some dungeons located in the Diablo 4 open world. I think it’s one of the smoothest leveling experiences and the fastest campaign playthroughs. 

Let’s get started. We’ll review some of the core mechanics of this build. Since this is a Bone build, Bone Spear becomes a large portion of our damage. We’ll also use the Bone Spirit skills.

Bone Spear has an Aspect, and you’ll see in the campaign that you can deal up to 100% extra damage to vulnerable enemies with Bone Spear’s Bone Splinters. If you place it on a Two-Handed weapon, it can give a damage bonus of up to 200% to vulnerable enemies.


Now, in order to get the maximum damage from Bone Spear, we want it to use Bone Spear Crit during combat. It spawns up to five additional Bone Splinters. And those Bone Splinters will be the reason for the huge damage bonuses against vulnerable enemies.

To kill more enemies, we’ll use Corpse Tendrils. Corpse Tendrils are now an ability that draws in enemies and stuns them.

But we’re really using it for two things. The first is Plagued Corpse Tendrils’ passive skill on Skill Tree that can cause enemies to be damaged by or be damaged by Corpse Tendrils. So this does work against vulnerable bosses. Second, Corpse Tendrils we got in the Diablo 4 campaign will give us a 30% increased critical chance and 60% extra critical damage.

Skill Tree

Let’s start with Bone Splinters. This will be our Essence Generator. But we mostly use it as an extra way to make enemies more vulnerable. We can increase the damage of our Bone Splinters to vulnerable enemies by 200% by using Legendary Aspects.

Bone Splinters

We need to know that consuming corpses is another way to generate Essence for us. And Essence is very important to all Diablo 4 builds. Not only to cast our skills but also to affect our Keystone passive.

When we cast our abilities, I gain more Essence and do more damage. When we are consuming corpses, we will increase damage by 9%. At the same time, your Skeletal Mage’s damage and health are also increased by 60%, which is an important note.

Corpse Tendrils

So if we want to increase the damage as much as possible, we must grab Corpse Tendrils. Also, this is another way to make enemies vulnerable to our Bone Splinters’ gigantic explosions.

Bone Spear

We also have Bone Spirit and other Cooldown skill and Bone skills. They will benefit from the amount of Essence. When it hits an enemy, we get Bone Spirit Regeneration. Every 10 points of Essence cast again, the next Bone ability will also increase the critical strike rate. This will boost the damage output of Bone Spirit and Bone Spear.

Bone Storm

Next, I was going to go find a Bone Storm skill. Mainly because it increases critical strike chance when active. But this build is a bit lacking in a reliable and powerful AOE.

Although Bone Spear will hit enemies, it’s still not very effective. So I think Bone Spirit is a must-have. It’s also going to be one of the hardest-hitting skills we can use, and it’s going to have amazing synergy with our Keystone. So that’s why I didn’t look for Bone Storm.

Ossified Essence

For this build and the final Ossified Essence, you gain 1% more damage per point of Essence in your Bone skills. Because it’s another huge damage multiplier for our Bone Spirit and Bone Spear.

As you can see from our Skill Tree, we get a lot of damage from having Essence. This damage will be more than the 15 damage we will deal to vulnerable enemies. Because we already have a solid multiplier that increases damage against vulnerable enemies. So I think it’s very important to expand our passive with Essence Generator.

Skeletal Warrior Mastery

Next, we’ll use corpses to retrieve Essence, which will also increase our damage output. So that’s why I chose Skeletal Warrior.

Also, having minions is just another way to increase your survivability in Diablo 4. Because if the enemies are hitting their minions, they won’t be hitting you. You can also use Golems, which gives you 30 more crit damage. But if we don’t use our ultimate, there’s not much reason to use Golem. But it’s a huge damage multiplier for us. So we’re going to grab it now.


Now let’s look at Legendary Aspects. Right now, I use 9 Legendary Aspects, 6 of which are obtained through Diablo 4 dungeons and campaigns. So this build will be relatively easy to assemble. Then you can get other parts by using the replacements I suggest now or by using D4 Gold for sale.

We have Exploiter’s Aspect. This will increase our damage to bosses by 50%, which is already one of the most powerful Legendary Aspects in Diablo 4.

Next, we have the Aspect of Grasping Veins, which will give us increased crit chance and extra crit damage. At the same time, this will deal damage to Skyrocket and take full advantage of Corpse Tendrils.

Then we get the Aspect of Disobedience, which will increase our armor whenever we deal damage of any kind. I also currently get Aspect of Three Curses. This will add up to 25 damage to Bone Spirit, and you can get it from Diablo 4’s Hive.

Yet another is an Aspect of Serration, which increases the critical damage to your Bone skills by 1%. But since this isn’t guaranteed to be equipped everywhere, I don’t choose to wear it right now. We’re just going for 25 flat damage because it will provide a huge crit multiplier.

Then, for our Essence generation, when you hit a vulnerable enemy with your Bone skill, we have a 10% chance to spawn 30-50 Essence. So this will ensure a large amount of Essence generation.

In the end, we got Requiem Aspect. Up to three to five Essences per active follower is a substantial reason to use the follower and synergize with more of them. Skeletal Mage will give us regeneration. We’ll also get more max Essence from them.

Because the more max mana we have, the more damage Ossified Essence will do to us. So trying to control minions with this build and get more Essence generation is not that easy.


All in all, this is the full assembly process of my Bone Necromancer build and my thoughts on the core mechanics of this build. I believe this build is definitely one of the best in Diablo 4. So if you are also interested, you might as well try it after the official release!

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