Just on March 5th, GGG announced Path of Exile Patch 3.20.2 B. In this new patch, there is a couple of important quality of life changes.



Even though they don’t affect most of the player base, they will be an enormous improvement for large minorities. As a result, you’ll find that a lot of players will be quite happy to see this patch is being done because of the upcoming March events. So, that’s the reason that it has to be pushed out this week rather than being deferred and all of these rolled into the next major patch that happens. 

First, there is the support for the March Events. For example, in a couple of days, Ruthless with Gold will start. Then after that, there are the Group SSF events that are starting over the following weeks. 


Changes To Voidborn Reliquary Key 

Next, there’s going to be 400 more foiled Unique Items added to the Voidborn Reliquary Key. Now, with the way that the Voidborn Reliquary Key works, if these new items bias towards the rarer end of the spectrum, that’s going to result in the Voidborn Reliquary itself becoming rarer. If they bias towards a more common end, then you’ll find that this will make the Voidborn Reliquary Key itself more common.

That information we will not find out something that will eventually sort of come up when people do very large sample size farming. But I think we’re going to see constant changing in the Voidborn Reliquary Key. The last time that someone did a significant test with it, it was about four times rarer than the Divine Orb

But if it turns out that a lot of these new foiled unique items are things like Tabula or Wasp Nest that are pretty common unique items, then maybe it’ll be three times as rare as a Divine Orb in the future. And if it turns out that they’re mostly things like Mageblood, Divinarius or various other rare items, then it might be five or six times as rare as a Divine Orb


“Hunger Slam” Graphical Fix – Eater Of Worlds 

Next, we have two quality of life changes that are really important. 

*First, the Eater of World’s Dash Slam. Now most players refer to this as the hunger slam. The visuals on this are going to be updated, so they more accurately reflect the damaging area. This is purely a visual change, so it’s still going to hit the same area. But that’s just going to be more clearly communicated. 

This change probably should have happened back in 3.17. The best time was nine months ago. The second best time is now.


Ralakesh’s Impatience 

*The next significant change is being made to Ralakesh’s Impatience. This is a very rare set of boots that get played with on several builds, but are probably at their best on Trappers. 

What they do is when you’re stationary, they set your Power Charges, Frenzy and Endurance to maximum and then when you move, you lose all those charges. 

The thing is that the action of going from being stopped to moving is something players do a lot and having an audio cue on that is not just kind of distracting but really infuriatingly. So, that is being removed. Ralakesh’s Impatience will suppress that sound so that you won’t have to put up with that annoyance every time that you move around whilst wearing edges in patients boots.


Changes To POE Website 

There are a couple of minor changes to the Path of Exile website, and probably the more significant one is that the Voidborn Reliquary Key is going to be available on the bulk item exchange. 

Maybe you are this kind of person: you have completely finished the Sanctum League, but you find you still have a bunch of valuable stuff in this league. So, you convert all of them into Divine Orbs and then convert Divine Orbs into Voidborn Reliquary Keys.

If you are in the situation I exemplified, then the change I mentioned above will be an improvement in the quality of life for you. However, notice that this situation will also cause you to lose a lot of POE Currency at the end of the league.


Functional Changes To Forbidden Shako

Now, there’s a couple of changes to the functionality of the unique helmet Forbidden Shako. These are going to be very important to maybe one player in 50 and completely ignored by 49 players in 50. But they’re worth knowing about in case you ever want to build around this helmet.

If Forbidden Shako grants two supports that both Grant secondary skills, such as Impending Doom and Predator, they will both work in the future. This is not something that’s usually going to have much impact on the way you play the game. However, fix the bug where support gems granted by forbidden Shako that have a secondary skill effect, such as Impending Doom’s Doom 

Blast could be supported by another support gem granted by Forbidden Shako, such as increased area of effect. 

This feels a bit counter-intuitive to me. I assume it’s part of the same fix that handled the first one, but it’s going to result in a nerf to a tiny number of Forbidden Shakos.

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Other Minor Item Changes

There’s also several other minor changes related to items, such as The Hungry Loop, which isn’t used very much anymore and the Eternal Struggle when it drops out of the Voidborn Reliquary Key. 

Dominus Voice Back

But probably most significant in the bug fixes section fixed a bug where Dominus was not saying any of his combat voice lines, so we will see the Touch of God back again.


Fix To A Rare Standard & Permanent Hardcore Bug

There’s also a bug fix that will affect maybe one player in 10 in standard. Although this is still a small percentage of the overall player base, but it’s an important fix where the Map Stash Tabs were unable to be converted into the current map series because of bugs with hidden maps. 


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