When it comes to shipping a vehicle, one of the critical decisions to make is whether to opt for open or enclosed car shipping services. Each method has its advantages and is suited for different types of cars and customer needs. 

But, many people often make mistakes in choosing the right service, which can lead to dissatisfaction, unnecessary expenses, or even damage to the vehicle. So, it’s smart to go over some of the most common mistakes people make in this decision-making process.

Not Assessing the Value and Type of Vehicle Appropriately

One of the most significant mistakes is not correctly assessing the value and type of vehicle being shipped. Enclosed car shipping is typically more expensive than open shipping but offers more protection. It is ideal for high-value vehicles like luxury cars, sports cars, classic cars, or any vehicle that is a collectible or has sentimental value.

However, many people opt for open shipping to save costs, not considering the potential risk to their valuable vehicle. On the other hand, for standard, everyday vehicles, enclosed shipping might be an unnecessary expense. It’s crucial to evaluate the value, rarity, and condition of your vehicle before deciding. 

Overlooking Weather and Environmental Factors

Another mistake is not taking into account the weather and environmental factors during transport. Open carriers leave vehicles exposed to the elements, including sun, rain, snow, and road debris. 

If you’re shipping your vehicle through areas with harsh weather conditions or during seasons with extreme weather, enclosed shipping might be a better option to protect your car from potential damage. Ignoring these factors can result in your vehicle arriving with cosmetic damage, which can be costly to repair.

Misjudging the Safety and Security Needs

Safety and security are paramount when transporting a vehicle. Enclosed shipping offers higher security and protection from potential theft or vandalism, especially during stops. 

People often underestimate this aspect and choose open shipping without considering the risks, especially when transporting the vehicle through high-crime areas or when the vehicle is particularly attractive to thieves.

Not Considering the Insurance Coverage Differences

Insurance coverage can vary significantly between open and enclosed shipping services. Typically, enclosed car shipping services offer higher insurance coverage because of the types of vehicles they usually transport. 

Failing to understand the insurance implications and assuming that all shipping services provide the same level of coverage is a mistake. It’s essential to inquire about the insurance details, understand what is covered, and consider any additional insurance if needed.

Not Factoring in the Delivery Time Frames

Delivery time frames can vary between open and enclosed shipping services. Due to their higher cost and less frequent scheduling, enclosed shipping might have longer waiting times for pickup and delivery. 

People often choose enclosed shipping without considering the extended timeframe, which can disrupt their plans, especially if the vehicle is needed by a specific date. Conversely, open carriers are more common and may offer more flexible and quicker shipping options.

Misinterpreting Cost Vs. Value

A common mistake when it comes to open and enclosed transportation is focusing solely on the cost without considering the value provided. Enclosed shipping, while more expensive, offers greater protection and peace of mind, which can be invaluable for high-value vehicles. 

On the other hand, for more standard vehicles, the cost savings of open shipping often outweigh the benefits of enclosed shipping. It’s important to balance cost with the level of protection and service needed for your specific vehicle.

Neglecting Personal Circumstances

Every vehicle owner has unique needs and circumstances that should influence the choice of shipping service. Factors such as the duration you plan to be without your vehicle, your personal attachment to the car, and your tolerance for risk should play a role in your decision. 

Not considering these personal factors can lead to a choice that doesn’t align with your specific requirements and expectations.

Not Researching the Shipping Company’s Reputation

Finally, a mistake often made is not thoroughly researching the shipping company’s reputation and experience with both open and enclosed shipping. 

Some companies may specialize in one type over the other or have more experience with certain types of vehicles. Choosing a company based solely on cost or availability, without considering their track record and expertise, can lead to subpar service and potential issues during transport. Discover more here


To conclude, choosing between open and enclosed car shipping services requires careful consideration of various factors, including the type and value of the vehicle, environmental conditions, safety and security needs, insurance coverage, delivery timeframes, cost versus value, personal circumstances, and the shipping company’s reputation. 

By avoiding these common mistakes and making an informed decision, you can ensure that your vehicle is transported safely, efficiently, and in a manner that aligns with your specific needs and expectations. Remember, the right choice not only offers peace of mind but also protects your valuable asset during its journey

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