The more real estate prices increase, the smaller living spaces tend to become. And the less space we have available, the more important it is to declutter and maximise it, so we can keep all our stuff.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a fan of minimalism, to achieve all that. By utilising a few clever storage solutions, you can create a compact and clutter-free home and eliminate the need to get rid of most of your possessions.

Read all about it below!

Buy furniture with storage compartments

To have a more compact home, you can opt for furniture that provides extra storage for your living needs. Items serving multiple purposes will extend available space and make your home look neater and clutter-free.

Storage beds with drawers are an excellent choice for storing linen, bedsheets, and towels. Ottoman beds are another alternative, yet, if you live with a partner, you may have difficulty accessing an item if your significant other is asleep, for example.

Custom-made storage beds can be one of the best options for small living spaces if you can afford them. Usually, those types of furniture are expensive and require some time to be made, but they are well worth it if you really need extra storage.

Sofas with storage drawers are another alternative as well, as they provide plenty of space. You can even buy organisers to maximise what you can put inside and make it look neat and organised.

Buy a kitchen aisle to store all your plates, pans, and other kitchen essentials. To maximise available space, buy lid holders for pot lids are notoriously difficult to stack and store.

A coffee table with hidden storage is another great idea where to put all those remotes, magazines and books. A few ottoman chairs with storage placed here and there could also work wonders.

Utilise vertical space

Making use of vertical space is another must when it comes to creating more room in your home. Whether you install wall shelves, racks, or hooks, going vertical will make your home more neat and compact. Don’t forget the more you utilise vertical space, the more horizontal space you will have.

Some of the advantages of using this method are:

  • Provides easy access to belongings;
  • Increased storage capacity;
  • Items can be stacked depending on their importance.

Before you start, take a good look at your home and plan everything. Make sure you measure everything before you buy anything as well.

Here are a few vertical storage ideas:

  • Install shelving to get the most out of walls, closets, cupboards, or odd spaces;
  • Install hooks, door hangers, and shower racks;
  • Utilise stacked or modular containers and baskets;
  • Mount small cubes or rectangular shelving units to the wall for open storage;
  • Buy spice and pantry shelves and wooden containers for produce that doesn’t require refrigeration;
  • Hang your pots and plants to free up kitchen space.

If you are doing lots of gardening, you know the importance of properly winterising all your tools and equipment. Utilise your shed’s vertical space to the fullest. However, sometimes there simply isn’t enough space to store everything. That’s when hiing additional storage space for the colder months can come in quite handy.

The only drawback of vertical storage is that sometimes you may need to use a chair or a ladder to reach certain items. A valuable precaution is not to store heavy items at the top but instead at the bottom.

Make use of odd places & corners

Don’t neglect odd places, corners, and even nooks when it comes to increasing storage space in your home. Placing some storage furniture or shelves can really utilise the most out of your living space and provide you with additional storage.

Think under the stairs, for example. That area is often neglected and could easily be converted into a storage area.

That odd corner in the living room? Place an ottoman or vertical storage shelf where you can place all your books, memorabilia, and even out-of-season items. Don’t forget to use the top of the shelf as well.

Use stacking boxes, organisers & other storage hacks

You can get the most out of your space if you make use of various types of boxes, organisers, and hangers.

Clear plastic storage containers that can stack on top of each other are an excellent option to store your clothes or even various types of food (and they will protect it from pests as well). They also don’t need labeling as everything will be clearly visible from the outside.

Wooden boxes and baskets are another great storage option. If you have kids, instead of letting all their toys clutter up the place, use the principle of rotation: have at most a ⅓ of all their stuff for them to be able to play with, while all the rest is neatly organised in boxes. After several weeks when they lose interest in their current toys, pack those away and reintroduce some of the stored ones.

Organisers will help you get the most out of your cupboards, pantry, wardrobe, and dresser. They come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to pick the best types for your individual needs.

Here are some of the best space-saving ideas:

  • Use drawer inserts for lingeries, socks, underwear, and bras;
  • Install a shower curtain caddy for all your bath products and a clutter-free bathroom;
  • Get mesh pockets that suction to your bath’s wall for additional organisation;
  • Use stackable cutlery drawer organisers to place all your kitchen utensils;
  • For paper messes, use a letter tray;
  • Suction hooks and door hangers are excellent storage solutions (and don’t require drilling);
  • To maximise the available space in the fridge, you can buy plastic containers and store your items neatly inside
  • Use a lid of an empty shoebox to compartmentalise all your cleaning supplies;
  • Get a thin rolling cart to maximise space if you have a small bathroom.


At the end of the day, you don’t need a bigger house to accommodate all your stuff. All you need is to use the space available to the fullest.

So, if you’re still wondering where to put it all, just implement some of these storage tips. You’ll be glad you did when you see the difference.

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