How to Give Your Bed & Breakfast the Makeover it Deserves

Every year travel becomes more accessible and more affordable. Every year the corners of the map that attract the interest of tourists expand. With travel once again at a high, it’s time for small bed & breakfast and boutique hotels to finally shine. With a makeover and a new marketing approach, you can bring in luxury tourists and even encourage more and more people to visit the beautiful corner of the world you are located in. 

  • Define Your Vision 

You want quality, timeless design for your hotel. These two features in your makeover will make your hotel look so much better for years. A good place to start, regardless of your personal taste, is to define your vision. Having a unified look and approach and then editing down your ideas can help you focus on the key ideas that work best for your hotel. 

  • Your Decorations and Aesthetic

There are a few updates that will immediately make any hotel look so much better. The first is to replace any ratty, old, or ugly carpet flooring. The second is to give it a fresh coat of paint. From there, you will want to work your way from small updates to bigger investments in this order: 

  1. Flooring 
  2. Painting 
  3. Upgrade fixtures (taps, door handles, lighting) 
  4. Bedroom furniture and decor
  5. Front desk 
  6. Breakfast room/communal spaces
  7. Communal spaces 
  8. Bathroom 
  9. Extra amenities 

You can add small touches as you go through these steps. 

  • Your Team 

Your team also needs a little makeover. Look into upgrading your hotel uniforms and click around to see if there are any training workshops that would be helpful for your business. For example, if you have a bar, then sponsoring your team to learn how to bartend can be great for your business. Your team should feel like they are being invested in, and they need to be together in order to improve teamwork. This is particularly important for small and remote bed & breakfast establishments that need to turn up the charm to encourage visitors. 

  • Your Amenities 

Amenities are so important, and yet they are the last on this list because they also tend to be the most expensive upgrades and should be done carefully and slowly. Identify the most important amenities and how you can improve them. For many hotels and bed & breakfasts, this will be the bathrooms and also your breakfast spread. Improving the meals can be the first upgrade you make, then the dining room, and finally, one by one, you can invest in upgrading or redecorating the bathrooms. 

  • Plan for the Future 

Put a little bit of money away every day you operate so that you can save up and put down deposits on big upgrades that can drastically change the level of service that you offer. For example, you may consider adding a pool on the grounds or adding spa services. These can bring in a lot of business but do have upstart costs that you will at least want the deposit for in the bank. 

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