This article will give you some useful information about an interior designer. We hope this information will help you understand whether this profession is for you or not for you.

The profession of an interior designer is quite a multi-faceted profession. Many people confuse this profession with a 3D visualizer, but they are two completely different professions. Also, an interior designer and a decorator are different professions, as well as an architect does not do the same job that an interior designer does.

An interior designer is a technical specialist, a creative person who comes up with different ideas and implements them into reality, and a person who knows how to work with people, negotiate, and understand little things. If you do not have such qualities, you need to develop them and be meticulous. If you miss something important, you can have financial damage. You must be a persistent person who can defend your position. 

Who is suitable for this profession?

This profession is suitable for creative people distinguished by non-standard thinking and can constantly generate new ideas. At the same time, the profession is not only about creativity. Engineering skills are also important while working in this industry. In addition, sociability and patience are also important. It would be best if you were prepared for dissatisfaction from the clients and the fact that they could not know what they want within the project. An interior designer has not only to perform tasks but also help the customers to set them. 

Job Duties

The main task of an interior designer is the arrangement of beautiful and functional premises. A real professional creates a space that performs its main function with maximum comfort for people. An interior designer understands that a teenager needs a separate room, while a beautiful glossy surface in the kitchen might cause too many difficulties for the person. In a word, interior designers see the interior in perspective, understanding how each material and object for finishing will manifest itself in the process. 

The interior designer carries out projects in stages:

  • Gets acquainted with the client and finds out preferences and wishes.
  • Takes pictures of the premises, takes measurements.
  • Draws up a scheme of engineering communications, if necessary, offers redevelopment options.
  • Prepares sketches of the future interior.
  • Selects materials and furniture.
  • Controls repair work, monitors compliance with deadlines and requirements, evaluates quality.

An interior designer is a specialist who creates new projects of a harmonious environment to improve human living conditions. Interior designer is a very popular profession nowadays. Applicants are attracted by the creative orientation of the activity, the opportunity to realize themselves and even become famous. And ordinary customers are encouraged that designers will help them to find the right answers to residential and office premises design questions.

The interior designer creates a unique atmosphere, style, beauty, and comfort in the rooms, making the dreams and ideas of customers come true.

The profession of an interior designer involves the whole interior design process, from the layout of the room, lighting, ventilation systems, acoustics, wall finishing to furniture arrangement, textile design, and installation of navigation signs.

Pros of the profession

  • High demand in the labour market, interesting creative work.
  • The opportunity to implement your design ideas into reality.
  • Constant novelty and variety of projects.
  • Opportunity to improve and develop personal skills from project to project. As a rule, interior designers have high salaries, as wealthy people need the services of designers.
  • Having received a diploma and the right to work in your speciality, you will be able to improve your skills thanks to webinars and lectures by leading masters from around the world. Not every profession has the same amount of free materials in the public access.
  • Minimum requirements for educational documents. Employers are much more interested in your portfolio and experience.

Cons of the profession

  • The difference between the tastes of the customer and the designer’s artistic vision and the need for a long time to convince the customer of the design solution or adapt to his or her desires.
  • High competition, especially in large cities. Seasoned professionals recommend targeting a specific niche to increase your chances of getting more customers, such as focusing only on office furnishing or specializing only in working with young families with a small budget.
  • You need to monitor the trends in the profession constantly to be aware of what is happening in the design world. For example, a young mother cannot go on maternity leave for a couple of years, leave her profession and then just return. She needs to catch up with her colleagues constantly.

Career prospects

Successful aspiring interior designers participating in a collective project may create their design studios in the future. Career growth while working in the interior design industry is possible. For example, starting to work as an assistant to an interior designer, a specialist may take the place of a department head or open a personal company in the long run. The profession is relatively young but very promising. Having devoted your life to interior design, with due diligence, you will be able to do what you love and at the same time receive decent pay for your work. 

How much does an interior designer earn?

Salary depends on the prestige of the studio and the designer’s experience. It also depends on the number of orders. The average salary for an interior designer in the US is over $53,000.

Where to study to be an interior designer?

There is an option to finish university. You can consider studying at college if you do not want to spend more than five years studying at university. You can also complete courses and get the same knowledge, or even more.

Where to look for jobs for interior designers?

If you are an interior designer looking for a job, check out vacancies in the interior design industry on Jooble. You can also visit other job search websites or contact directly company you like.

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