Top Best Meditation Quotes

Both the Japanese Zen and China’s Ch’an are words that are disjointed from meditation. In English, it is called meditation, but the word awareness is closer to it. The Hindi word of comprehension is close to this. The basic meaning of meditation is awareness, awareness, awareness, witnessing, and vision. Meditation is the eighth part of yoga. The only meditation is such an element that by practicing it, all begin to be consumed automatically, but this rule does not apply to other parts of yoga. Meditation is a state of standing between two worlds. In this article, we shared some of the best Meditation quotes and Tips about Meditation.

Buddha was asked, ‘What have you gained from meditation?’ He replied. ‘Nothing, However. Buddha said, let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of old age, and death.

Top Best Meditation Quotes


meditation quotes

“The thing about meditation is you become more and more you.

meditation quotes

“Quite the mind and the soul will speak.”

meditation quotes

“The goal of meditation isn’t to control your thoughts, it’s to stop letting them control you.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation is like breaking out of a personal prison and finding paradise.”

meditation quotes

“Altogether, the idea of meditation is not to create states of ecstasy or absorption, but to experience being.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation is the ultimate mobile device. You can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation is not spacing out or running away. In fact, It is being totally honest with ourselves.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation is being in tune with our inner universe.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation can reintroduce you to the part that’s been missing.”

meditation quotes

“I meditate so that my mind cannot complicate my life.”

meditation quotes

“Prayer is when you talk to god. Meditation is when you listen to god.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation will give you a little glimpse, a little taste, that the truth is inside you.”

meditation quotes

“The goal of meditation is not to get rid of thoughts or emotions. The goal is to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions and learn how to move through them without getting stuck.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation provides a way of learning how to let go. As we sit, the self we’ve been trying to construct and make into a nice, neat package continues to unravel.”

meditation quotes

“Meditation means the recognition or the discovery of one’s own true self.”

meditation quotes

“The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy.”

meditation quotes

“The heart of meditation is taking ourselves a little less seriously.”


Definition of meditation

Tantra Sufficiency Dhyanam.  Yogasutra means – Where the mind is put in it, meditation is a constant movement of the instinct. The meaning of perception is to bring the mind to a place or stay, but meditation means meditation is a constant movement of the instinct wherever the mind is staying. Staying awake in it is meditation.

Meaning of Meditation

Meditation does not mean concentration. Concentration is like a spotlight of a flashlight that focuses only on one place, but meditation is like a bulb that spreads light in all four directions. Generally, the attention of ordinary people can be of very little watt, but the meditation of yogis is like sunlight, in which everything in the universe gets caught.

Meditation is not meditation

Many people forget to understand actions as meditation – such as Sudarshan Kriya, Transcendental Meditation and Sahaja Yoga Meditation. On the other hand, the method is also being mistaken for understanding meditation.

Many saints, gurus or mahatmas tell different types of revolutionary methods like meditation, but they do not tell that there is a difference between method and meditation. There is a difference between action and meditation. Action is not a means. A verb is a tool. Action is like a broom.

Even sitting with eyes closed is not meditation. It is also not a meditation to remember an idol. Chanting the garland is also not meditation. It is often said that meditate on God for five minutes – this is also meditation, not remembrance. Meditation is freedom from actions. Freedom from thoughts.

Nature of meditation

There are innumerable imaginations and thoughts going on in our mind simultaneously. Due to this, there remains a clamour in the mind. We don’t want it to go on. You are constantly thinking less and weakening yourself. Meditation is to remove unnecessary imagination and thoughts from the mind and go into a pure and serene silence.

As the meditation deepens, the person becomes situated in the witnessing sense. There is not even a moment of any emotion, imagination and thoughts on him. The silence of mind and brain is the primary form of meditation. Living in thoughts, imagination and the joys and sorrows of the past is against meditation.

In meditation, the senses with the mind, the mind with the intellect, and the intellect in their form are absorbed into the soul. Those who do not understand the witness or the sense of vision should initially practice meditation and close the eyes. Then when the practice is increased, the eyes are closed or open, the seeker remains connected with his form and finally, he can remain in the state of meditation while doing some work in the condition of witnessing.

What happens with meditation?

The question can be asked what happens carefully? Why meditate? What will happen if you stop sleeping? Sleep makes you alive again. In the same way, meditation makes you aware of this vast universe. It increases the energy around you, it should be said that by increasing your light, it makes you aware of your state of being. Otherwise, people do not even care that they were alive even till death.

Meditation empowers a person to understand and see better. You can become strong only by being in the witnessing mood. It creates a lyrical relationship between your body, mind and you (soul). Your perspective of seeing and thinking will be very different from others. Most people think, understand and express themselves at the animal level. There is no significant difference between them and animals.

A wise man can also be full of anger, envy, greed, lies and sexuality. But it is the meditating person who truly uses Yama and Niyam.

Apart from this, meditation is an important element of yoga that creates a lyrical relationship between body, mind and soul. Our energy is focused on meditation. Due to energy focus, power is transmitted to the mind and body and the spiritual force increases. Meditation helps to see and understand the present. The motivation and ability to achieve the goal we currently have is also attained by meditation.

You cannot find what you can pay attention to in a temple, mosque, church or gurudwara. Meditation is the truth of religion, everything else is about logic and philosophy, which may not be true. All great people have attained everything by meditation.

Meditation advantage

We meditate. Think about what we are- eye? ear? Nose? perfect body? Mind or brain? No, none of us. Meditation creates a lyrical relationship between our body, mind and soul. If you want to get yourself, then meditation is important. That is the only option.

Knowing the soul

Regular practice of meditation increases spiritual power. Spiritual power leads to mental peace. The body feels healthy with mental peace. Our energy is focused on meditation. Being focused on energy transmits the power in the mind and body and gives spiritual strength.

Meditation increases vision power and develops the ability to make decisions in a person. All kinds of diseases and mourning disappear with meditation. By meditation our body, mind and brain experience complete peace, health and happiness.

What will happen carefully

Every kind of fear will go on. Anxiety and contemplation will eliminate diseases. If there is peace in the body then you will feel healthy. Work and behavior will improve. Love will be in place of tension in relationships. The outlook will be positive. Just by thinking about success, success will start coming closer to you.

Importance of meditation

Meditation helps one to see and understand the present. By increasing the ability to see pure, the conscience will be awakened. Consciousness will increase due to awareness. With the increase of consciousness, there will be a feeling of leaving the body in death. After leaving the body, the birth will take place in your fist. This is the importance of meditation.

Only you: The only way to reach yourself is meditation. Except for meditation, all other remedies are just branches. If you do not meditate, then you are missing yourself. To attain oneself means to completely remove the clouds of emotion and thoughts on our senses and become pure and pure.

The learned people say that in the list of getting everything in life, put yourself above all. Do not miss yourself. 70 years pass like seventy seconds. The goal of yoga is how it breaks your sleep, that’s why Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahara and Dharana have made the ladder to reach meditation.

Know the benefits of meditation: The mental benefits of meditation- Due to the environment of noise and pollution, the person continues to experience stress and mental fatigue. The side effects of stress can be avoided by meditation. By continuously meditating, where the brain gets new energy, it feels tired and relaxed in relaxation. Meditation is more beneficial than deep sleep.

Your worries are reduced. Your problems get smaller. Meditation benefits your consciousness. Meditation increases harmony within you. Whenever you are emotionally unstable and disturbed, meditation gives you courage and courage, keeping you clean, serene and calm from within.

The benefit of the body by meditation- While meditation initially provides the mind and brain with relaxation and new energy, the body benefits itself with this energy. By meditating, the life force is transmitted within every cell of the body. With the increase of vital energy in the body, you feel healthy.

Hypertension is carefully controlled. Headache is relieved. Immunity develops in the body, which is important in fighting any type of disease. Meditation increases stability in the body. This stability strengthens the body.

Spiritual benefits- Individuals who start meditating begin to calm down. This peace only strengthens the mind and body. Meditation removes the cloud of emotion and thoughts from your senses and makes you pure in the present. All distractions like work, anger, item, greed and attachment etc. are eliminated by meditation. While living in a continuous witnessing sense, where siddhis are born, a person who is not involved in siddhis attains samadhi.

How to benefit from meditation: Regular exercise is necessary to get the greatest benefit from meditation. Not much time is needed to meditate, just five minutes of meditation can give you a lot of benefits, provided you do the routine.

If meditation has become a part of your routine then it becomes the best time of your day. You get pleasure from it. Then you can extend it for five to ten minutes. Meditation for five to ten minutes stays in your brain from seed in the beginning, but after 3 to 4 months it starts taking shape of the tree and then its results start coming.

Beginning of meditation

The action before the beginning of meditation – ‘Why am I thinking’ pay attention to it. ‘ Our ‘thoughts’ are actions of the future and the past. The thought is a type of disorder. Awareness is born only by living in the present. Living in the imaginations of the future and the joys and sorrows of the past is against meditation.

Step- 1: According to Osho, it is important to have a catharsis before you start meditation, that is, it is important to remove the dust that is on your consciousness. For this, if you want catharsis or yoga bhastrika, do Kapalbhati Pranayama. You can do more than this to make your body tired.

Step 2: Initially pay attention to all the movements of the body and observe it. Hear the sound outside. Observe what is happening around you. Listen to him carefully.

Step 3: Then slowly turn the mind inwards. Look silently at the activities and thoughts of thoughts. With just a little effort to meditate or pay attention, the mind will become stable and calm. Silence from within is essential for beginning meditation.

Step 4: Now you are ready to just look and feel. As you see and hear it will deepen, you will go down in meditation.

The initial method of meditation: Initially, while sitting in Siddhasana, close the eyes and keep the right hand on the right knee and the left hand on the left knee, keep the spine straight and inhale deeply. Just pay attention to this movement of breaths for five minutes, how this breath goes to the inside and then how far this breath comes out.

Enjoy the silence completely within. When silence occurs, a witnessing emotion arises in the person. Thinking is a futile action of the body and realizing is the nature of the mind.

Meditation period: Keep doing the above meditation method regularly for 30 days. After 30 days, increase its time duration from 5 minutes to 10 minutes for the next 30 days and then 20 minutes for the next 30 days. 90 days is enough to preserve power. Keep it up.

Caution: Meditate in a clean and quiet environment. Sleeping while meditating is not allowed. There is a lot of thinking while meditating. But thinking ‘Why am I thinking’ stops thinking for a while. Just focus on the breath and make a determination that for 20 minutes I want to make my mind zero.

Ultimately, the meaning of meditation is to pay attention to everything that is related to our life. On the body, on the mind and whatever is happening around. On the activity of thoughts and on emotions. With the help of this attention, we can move one step towards nectar.

Meditation and thoughts: When you sit with your eyes closed, there is often a complaint that thoughts of the era come at the same time. All the thoughts of the past or the plans of the future, fantasies etc. are buzzing around the brain like flies. How to get rid of it? It is believed that meditation cannot occur as long as there is an idea.

Now no one is ready to believe that even though can be done. What’s wrong with trying? Osho says that meditation is the death of thoughts. You just start meditating. Where in the first 24 hours there were 30-40 thousand thoughts of worry and contemplation, now their number will start to decrease. When this happens, a very large event can happen.

Types of meditation

You have known the types of asana and pranayama, but very few people know the type of meditation. Meditation has certainly been moulded according to the mood of each person.

Basically meditation can be divided into four parts – 1. Watching, 2. Listening, 3. Taking confidence and 4. Closing the eyes and concentrating on thinking silently. Sightseeing or witnessing meditation, healing meditation, pranayama meditation for breathing and meditation with closed eyes can be called Bhukruti meditation. There can be thousands of subtypes of the above four types of meditation.

You can also do the above four types of meditation by lying, sitting, standing and walking. There are thousands of types of meditation in Yoga and Hinduism, which have been adapted according to the mood of each person. Lord Shankar had given 112 types of meditation to Maa Parvati which are stored in ‘Vigyan Bhairava Tantra’.

Seeing: There are millions of people who went the path of accomplishment and salvation. This is called staying in sight or witnesses. You do see, but you cannot see in the present. Your thoughts, stress and imagination keep you disconnected from the present. Perceptually, consciously seeing and understanding the present (not thinking) is the witnessing or visual meditation.

Listening: Listening is enough to become listeners. It is said that Sunnat was destined to hear. It is hard to hear. Listen attentively to voices coming from near and far. Listen to the sounds produced from within, with the eyes and ears closed. When this listening gets deeper, then slowly it starts listening – nad. That is, the vowel of ॐ.

Meditate on breathing: Take deep breaths in and out with closed eyes, take as deep a breath as possible without forcibly pressing, be alert and alert to the moving breath. This is the simplest and primary method of meditation.

Bhakti Meditation: Close the eyes and meditate on the Bhrkuti situated between the two brothers and experience inner peace by remaining completely silent from outside and inside. Bhukruti meditation is to consciously watch the darkness. A few days later, the light appears from this darkness. First black, then yellow and later white to blue.

Now we talk about the traditional type of meditation. This meditation is of three types – 1. gross meditation, 2. astrological meditation and 3. subtle meditation.

1. Grid Meditation- The meditation of gross things is called gross meditation – like sitting in Siddhasana, paying close attention to any deity, idol, nature or heart chakra within the body is gross meditation. Imagination has importance in this meditation.

2. Jyotirdya not – is the Kundalini serpent in the middle area of the perineum and Lingmul. Jyotirupa is the meditation of Jyotirupa Brahma at this place.

3. Microfocus not – the seeker to the attention of the Kundalini the ritual Sanbvi currency, called micro-focus the attention of this type.

Wonderful Meditation Experiences

Meditation experiences are unique. When the mind dies, he makes every effort to save himself. When thoughts start to stop, the brain starts presenting a lot of thoughts. People who live with meditation in sincere honesty do not fall under the influence of the mind and the mind, but those who get seduced can never become meditated.

Each meditator has different experiences of meditation. It depends on his anatomy and mental design what kind of experience he will have in the beginning. But after going to a certain level of meditation, everyone’s experiences start to be almost the same.

Initial experiences: In the beginning, meditators have some similar and some different experiences during meditation. Darkness appears when meditating in the command cycle between the first eyebrows. In the dark, there is blue and then yellow appears.

The colours seen in this sphere can also be a reflection of the visual world we see and the energy created by the movement of our body and mind. The spheres keep moving inside the sphere, which after some time becomes visible, becomes invisible and instead, another big sphere appears. This sequence goes on.

Some intellectuals believe that blue is the colour of the command cycle and the colour of the individual soul. The soul appears in the form of blue colour. The yellow colour is the light of the soul. This type of shelling is also considered a symptom of the awakening of the command cycle.

Its benefits: After a few days its first benefit is that the person’s mind and brain remove stress and anxiety and he feels peace. With this, full confidence is awakened in the mind, so that it can complete extraordinary work quickly. Such a person does not live in fantasies of past and future.

The second benefit is that after continuously focusing on the Bhrkuti, after a few months, a person starts seeing all three, past and present. Such a person also begins to foresee events happening in the future. This proves that his sixth sense is starting to wake up and now he needs to be more vigilant. If further progress is to be made, such a person is instructed to end his contact with the people, but the person who misuses it is called Yogabrishta.

How to prepare for meditation

If you have already made up your mind to meditate and have resolved to regularize it, then now you should prepare for meditation. Saying this, we have written on ‘beginning of meditation’ and ‘how to meditate’. See the link in this regard below. Presented here is general information regarding the preparation of meditation.

  1. Better place: Before preparing for meditation you should choose the place to meditate. A place where there is peace and noisy noise is heard outside. Also it should be open and green. You can also create such an atmosphere in your own room.

It is important that you survive the noisy and daunting environment and live in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere where the mind does not wander. If this is not all, then you can also meditate in a closed room where there is no humidity and mosquitoes, rather it is cool and the environment is clean. You can also use mosquito nets and exes fan.

  1. Air-conditioned: Aromatic environment should be included in the preparation of meditation. For this, you can use fragrance or perfume or mix a little jaggery with ghee and camphor and burn it on the cone in a short time, the atmosphere will become noticeable.
  2. Meditation meeting: Meditation should be soft and easy to sit on which one feels comfortable and relaxed. Do not feel tired or stiff even after sitting for a long time. For this, by laying soft postures on the ground, you can sit on the back with the wall or you can also meditate by sitting on a comfortable chair that supports from behind.

The method of sitting in the posture holds great importance in meditation. One should always sit upright in meditation. Both feet should be like crosses on each other or you can also sit in Siddhasana.

4. Time: A certain time should be made for meditation, due to this, it gets involved in daily activity by practising for a few days, consequently it becomes easier to meditate.

  1. Caution: It should be kept in mind that there is no tension in this activity and your eyes should be closed, steady and calm and keep your attention on the beard. The special thing is that you do not sleep in meditation, but stay in the witnessing house.

Meditative experiences

The seekers have some similar and somewhat different experiences during meditation. Collecting the experiences of many seekers in meditation, they are describing here so that if the new seekers experience those experiences in their practice, then they can know the progress, status and obstacles of their practice properly and the situation and To take decision according to the situation.

 When meditating between the eyebrows in the command cycle, first black and then blue colour appears. Then the blue-coloured circles with yellow girth appear to be merging into one. A blue circle with a yellow periphery slowly disappears and becomes invisible and instead, another large ball appears. Thus, this sequence goes on for a long time. The seeker thinks what is this, what does it mean? The blue colour seen in this way is the colour of the command cycle and the soul. The soul appears in the form of blue colour. The yellow colour is the light of the soul, which is a sign of the soul being inside the soul.

The appearance of such spheres is a symptom of the wake of the command cycle. Due to this, the past-present-present is seen directly and the foreshadowing of events taking place in future also begins. At the same time, full confidence is awakened in our mind, by which we also do extraordinary work quickly.

Experience of Kundalini Jagran

Kundalini is the divine power with which all living beings take life, do all the work and then become absorbed in the divine. That is, it is the divine power of God. This Kundalini Shakti is situated in the base of the body, Muladhara Chakra, with three and a half rounds like a snake. As long as it stays down like this, we keep running towards worldly matters. But when it is awake, at that time it appears that there is a spiral wave whose one end is connected on the Muladhara Chakra and the other end is moving upwards rotating around the spine. This is a very divine experience. This end can stop on any cycle while moving.

When Kundalini starts awakening, first the pulsation cycle begins to experience pulsation. This pulsing is almost as if one of our organs bursts. Then that Kundalini rises up fast and stops after going on one of the cycles. She cleans the chakra on which she stops, and the chakras below it, that is, she destroys the negative energy in them. In this way, after awakening the Kundalini, we become disillusioned with worldly pleasures and our mind gets towards God. In addition, our efficiency increases by leaps and bounds. We also do difficult tasks quickly.

Signs of Kundalini Jagran

Common symptoms of Kundalini awakening are Ishta Dev’s visible or hoon or roaring words in meditation, fluttering in the same place like a ball, the neck part rising, the ants on the Sahasrara Chakra instead of placing the head in the head. Feeling like walking, the skull is pulling upwards, it feels like a full opening of the mouth and pulling of the facial muscles and feeling like there is something that is trying to go up.

Experience of more than one body

Sometimes seekers experience more than one body. That is, it is a gross body and 2 other bodies emanating from that body. Then the seeker gets scared many times. He thinks what it is not known and even leaves the practice. But there is no such thing as panic.

One, it is our gross body. The second body is called the subtle body (Manomaya body). The third body is called the causal body. The subtle body or the human body is also like our gross body i.e. it can see everything, can smell, can eat, can walk, can speak etc. But there is no wall for this, it can come everywhere because the resolution of the mind is its form. The third body is the causal body, in it, there are seeds of body lust. After death, this is the reason why the body goes from one place to another, and its light again gives the manual and gross body, that is, a new birth. For this reason, many Siddha yogis are able to enter the body.

Experience of two bodies

After the awakening of the Anahata Chakra (the chakra located in the heart), two bodies are experienced when the vital spirit in the gross body is destroyed. Many times seekers feel as if hot air from the holes of their body has gathered in one place and has taken the form of a body which is very powerful. At that time, this gross body becomes actionless like root material. This second body is called the subtle body or manomaya body. Sometimes it seems that that subtle body is floating in the air and that body is connected to the navel of our gross body with a thin fibre.

Sometimes we can also experience that this subtle body has gone out of our gross body, that means the soul has gone out of our body and now the gross body will no longer exist, it will die. As soon as such an idea comes, we try to bring that subtle body back to the gross body, but it seems a very difficult task. By feeling like “I am the gross body” and remembering God, that subtle body soon re-enters the gross body. Many times in the stories of saints, we hear that those saints have been seen two places at the same time, this is possible only through that subtle body. There is no cover-barrier for that subtle body, it can come everywhere.

Seeing the divine light

It is a common experience to see a celestial light beam or a celestial light like the Sun. This happens when the Kundalini is awake and reaches very close to the divine. That fast is difficult to bear. It seems that the eyes are dazzled and not being practised, it distracts. That sharp beam is the soul and its light. One should practice watching it regularly. It is experienced only after reaching near Samadhi.

In meditation, it sometimes feels as if the whole earth is kept in the lap or the length of the body is changing and becomes infinite, or the bottom part of the body is getting longer and has pervaded the whole earth, Some organs such as the neck moving back and forth, the body feeling like cotton wool, all this is due to the talent of different chakras due to the awakening of the Kundalini at the time of meditation. But the seeker should not use them, should only meditate on the attainment of the divine as the goal. By not paying attention to these talents, they become introverted again.

Sometimes, the whole body of the seeker rotates in one direction, or when sitting with his face in one direction only, he feels very good in another direction. Even if you sit with your mouth in any other direction, then the body automatically rotates in that direction in meditation. This happens because your Ishta Dev or Guru’s residence is in the direction from where they send you the message. Sometimes even chanting a particular mantra can feel the same because that mantra deity resides in that direction, and the waves generated by chanting the mantra flow in that direction to that deity, then gather there and confirm ( Strong) and this is why the stretch is felt in that direction.

Experiencing the absence of the world and the body: –

When meditating on the Sahasrara Chakra or in the Chakras located outside the body in a high state of meditation, one experiences extreme lack of this world (visual) and body. That means one feels like a zero. At that time we forget the world completely (just like we forget at bedtime). Generally, after this experience, when the mind of the seeker returns back down, he again becomes nervous after seeing the world, because he does not know what he has seen.

Actually it is called self-realization. This is the initial stage of samadhi, so seekers should not panic but practice it slowly. Duality still remains here and a duality arises in the mind of the seeker. He is in a position like to set foot in two boats, has not left this world completely and has not yet attained the divine that he is desirous of. In this situation, he is very distressed by doing worldly work because he has attained to altruism and enjoyment like the disease, but samadhi is not yet a full practice.

Therefore, the seeker should be patient and keep practising samadhi slowly and as much as possible, even assuming the worldly works that the virtues are being held in virtues, and have full faith in God. Also, at this time he also needs philosophy so that all the duality of his mind can calm down soon. For this, study and practice the book named Yogavashistha (Maharamayana) exclusively. Tips given to them, “Just as water is a wave in the ocean, the gold is strong / coil, the soil is the army of the soil, just like God is this world.” If you keep on thinking repeatedly, then soon one becomes fully aware, the whole world seems to be the form of God and the mind becomes completely calm.

The feeling that everything has stopped, walking and moving, is calm, “I am not moving, this body is moving”, these are all signs of self-realization, that is, it is experienced when God is very near.

Many seekers get a direct vision of a person’s race, colour, height, etc. by listening only to their voice and when that person comes in front, the seeker will say, “Hey! This face, the same height and height, I had seen hearing the voice, how was it possible that I could see it? ” In fact, with the prevalence of perception, the person whose voice is heard, the mind or mind of the seeker follows that person’s emotion and reaches the person and the picture of that person becomes a reaction form on his mind. It is also called Divya Darshan.

Everything can be seen even when the eyes are closed, you can see beyond the wall-door etc., see the places far away, also see the events of the past and the future, all of this commandment cycle (third eye) It feels like opening.

To know the mind of the people who come in contact with you or what the person located far away is doing (sad, crying, rejoicing, remembering us, being told or coming etc. ) It gets practised and speaking to the person at that time to check the truth, that feeling gets corrected, it all happens by connecting your mind with others. This is a hindrance in cultivation because by others this way the mind of the seeker is drawn to itself and there is less time for the practice of attaining God and the Abhaya is reduced, due to which the cultivation is gradually reduced. Therefore, it should be avoided. Stop thinking about others. Pay attention to your practice. This makes this talent introverted in a few days and the practice changes again.

 Visions of the divine nature of God: –

Sadhanas, who are practising the spiritual form of God, have the feeling of seeing that form of God without ever closing their eyes or sometimes without closing their eyes i.e. even with open eyes. At that time, they get unlimited bliss. But there is no belief in the mind that we have seen God. In fact, it is a state of savitarka samadhi in which the name, form and qualities of God are present. Sage Patanjali has called it Savitarka Samadhi in his yoga sutra. On being blessed by God (having attained the Ishta Dev), he shows up in spirit in this way to destroy the sins of the seeker and draws the seeker from the darkness of ignorance towards the light of knowledge. In this, Shaktipat is also done by God on the devotee, which makes him feel ecstatic. Many seekers/devotees also get such pleasure from visiting the temples of God or the idols of those temples. This happens when the will prevails. This is only the stage of interviewing the divine form of God, in which the seekers should not have any doubt.

Many spiritual seekers also see the divine form of God in the above manner and try to talk to them also. When favoured, they provide answers to the questions asked in the conversation or present a solution to the seeker’s question by any worldly device. This happens on receiving the proximity and grace of Ishta Dev. It should not be misused. The obstacles that come in spiritual practice must be told to God and you should always keep praying for guidance. They always look forward to showing us the way, but we do not ask them the way or if they show the path, then we do not believe it, then what is the fault of God in it? God always wants the welfare of all.

Shaktipat: –

Our Guru or Ishta Dev also keeps on shaktipat on us from time to time. At that time we feel as if there is a feeling of unconsciousness or suddenly the eyes are closed and there is a state of deep meditation or samadhi, along with divine bliss and experience of ecstasy for a long time. . It also seems as if some divine stream is flowing out of this sharp beam and is entering itself. That bliss is indescribable. This is called Shaktipat.

When the Guru sits in front and does Shaktipat, it seems that it is becoming difficult for him to see more. Divine radiance/light begins to appear around their mouth and body and they begin to sleep and the body feels very light and feels ecstatic. In this way, through Shaktipat, Guru destroys the sins of the past and awakens Kundalini Shakti.

On reaching the high state of meditation/samadhi, one feels the power of Ishta Dev or God. The seeker has to see a rotating white circle or a sharp beam in the sky or on the roof of the room, and just by having it, the experience of ecstasy starts in the heart. At that time, the body becomes like a root and seems to be entering the body of white rays from that chakra or beam. In that state, there is also a feeling of lightning shock and as a result of that shock, body parts are also seen bursting.

If you have such experiences, then it should be understood that you are completely blessed by Ishta or Guru, they have held your hand and they will soon pull you out of this illusion.

Ashwini Mudra, the origin of the original dam

Breathing is normal, and the anal gates are repeatedly narrowed and closed and then left. Or inhale and hold the anus closed, hold the anus for as long as possible and then keep the anus closed for a long time and then slowly open the anus while exhaling, it is called Ashwini mudra. Many seekers keep doing it unknowingly and by doing this they also experience divine power or pleasure, but they do not know that they are doing a compound action.

Ashwini mudra means “horse, that is to do like a horse”. The horse keeps opening its anus and closing it and this generates more power than all other beings within it. By performing this Ashwini mudra, the Kundalini power awakens as soon as possible and rises upwards and awakens the higher centres. This mudra destroys all diseases. All diseases, especially in the lower parts of the body, are calmed down. Women do not even experience labour pain.

Every new seeker or those who have stopped their practice must do this Ashwini mudra. You can also experience heat in the body by doing this, at that time reduce it or do it slowly and also do pranayama together. Doing it in winter does not make you feel cold. The mind concentrates. The seeker must keep this Ashwini mudra in all the stages. The more it is practised, the more power is changed. By doing this action, the life of the soul does not decay and this energy can be used for the attainment of higher states of cultivation or for special yoga tools.

The original dam is a process similar to this Ashwini mudra. In this, the anal gate is closed and pulled inwards. It sends semen upwards and through this, semen is protected. This is also the best means of victory over Kundalini Jagran and Apanavayu. Both such actions can be done automatically. Do them They provide progress in spiritual practice.

Prevalence of Guru or Ishta Dev

When the Guru or Ishta Dev is pleased, he inspires the seeker in many ways. In conscience, a mantra is automatically generated and this mantra automatically starts chanting in the mind, pulling of a particular place and mind, and automatically reaching that place and the mind becomes calm, to find solutions to your mind’s questions. While trying for a sudden meeting of saintly men or getting special texts suddenly and getting the same question and answer in them, any fast or fast will happen automatically, the dream The seeker gets a sense of surprise, thrill and enjoyment when he gets an indication of the events happening ahead and their occurrence when the time comes, suddenly the remedy of a serious problem appears as a divine event. . He starts thinking that divine events have started happening in my life, there is definitely some special purpose of my life, but he could not understand what it is. But the seeker should keep patience and keep on moving because if the Ishta or Guru is blessed, do not doubt it; Because when the time comes, that purpose will definitely be revealed to him.

The delusion of Christian corruption: –

Many times, the illusion of blasphemy is present to the seekers. For example, a seeker starts worship by considering Ganesha as the favoured god. For a long time, his worship goes well, but suddenly there is a disturbance, due to which the cultivation starts to decrease or stop. Then the seeker asks the scholars, Brahmins for the remedy, then through the horoscope etc. they ask him to worship any other god (Vishnu etc.). Some days he worships them but he does not mind. Then he goes to someone else. He asks her to worship another goddess and so on. Then the seeker feels that I am being corrupted by my God Ganesha. Neither Ganeshji nor other gods nor I will fall from spiritual practice.

Here, the seekers are requested that it is right that they should not give up the worship of their God, but they should also worship those other gods as well. It becomes necessary for the peace of the obstacles of meditation. The meaning of worship here is to know about those gods and goddesses because on knowing them we find that they are in fact many forms of the same God (like water is a wave, bubble, whirlpool, cloud, hail, snow etc. ). Thus Ishta Dev wants the seeker to know this. Therefore, it should not be called ist corruption but spread of isht.

Light feeling of the body

When the seeker starts meditating in the higher centres (Adama Chakra, Sahasrara Chakra), the seeker starts to feel his body very light like cotton. This is because as long as meditation remains in the lower centres (Mooladhara, Swadisthan, Manipur Chakra), the strong feeling “I am this gross body” stays in our mind and this gross body is full of weight. Therefore, it always feels its weight. But by meditating in the higher centres, “I am the body” does not remain such a feeling, but “I am a subtle body” or “I am not a body, I am a part of God”, such a feeling becomes firm. That is, weightlessness is experienced due to a firm position in the subtle body or soul. The second thing is that by meditating in the higher centres, the Kundalini Shakti awakens which rises upwards. This divine power destroys the ego feeling in the body i.e. “I am the body”, Which reduces the Earth’s gravitational force. In the high state of meditation or feeling light things in the body like cotton, sky etc., the power to walk or fly in the sky comes, when such a seeker meditates, his body rises above the ground. But this is the only accomplishment, it should be disinterested.

Movement of objects from far away without the touch of a hand

Many times, the seekers feel that as soon as they take their hand to lift a light object, it moves away by moving the Vastu, at that time the seeker has to feel the pulsing (tingling) in his fingers Feels like The seeker is surprised and sees it, again and again, he starts testing to see if it happens again. And then the same event happens. Then the seeker thinks that there must be some divine event happening to him. In fact, this is due to the greater flow of divine energy (energy generated from Kundalini, mantra chanting, name chanting etc.) in the body of the seeker. When that divine energy is collected and condensed in front of the fingers, then such an event occurs.

The health of the patient by placing his hands on the sick part

Many times, the seekers feel that they inadvertently lay hands on some diseased person for some time and the disease is destroyed. Then everyone sees it as a surprise. In fact, it is due to the influence of divine energy flowing through the body of the seeker. Disease means obstruction of energy flow. With the seeker’s contact, that stagnant energy of the patient starts flowing again, and he becomes healthy. Mantra Shakti and Reiki healing method is also the basis of the intense feeling of balancing the flow of energy of the patient through mantra and spirit and meditation.

Make an Anjali of your hand upside down and place it on some part of your or other person’s body without touching it. Then while chanting a mantra, concentrate on the place below your Anjali and feel that the energy generated by chanting the mantra is going into another person’s body. Soon, you will experience some tingling or heat at that place. This is called divine energy. This mantra is a symptom of awakening.

Tore limbs

According to Shiva Purana, if the left limbs continue to flutter continuously for seven or more days, then death yoga or antidote (ablution) should be considered. It is also indicative of a big accident or a very difficult problem. For this, do the measures mentioned earlier. Additionally, worship Kali. Read the Rattrisuktam and Devi Kavach mentioned in Durga Saptashati. Pray for the protection from Maan Kali.

Auspicious event occurs when a right limb is torn, success is achieved in spiritual practice. If both the left and right limbs burst together, then it should be understood that disaster will come, but with the grace of God, only a small loss will be averted. Another sign is that there is a time for the destruction of sins of previous births, so they will reveal the fruits of sin but will not be able to do any special harm due to the grace of God. Apart from this, it is also an indication of the plan made by God for the welfare of the seeker.

 The seeker attains divine enlightenment through the divine entry of Guru / Ishta

The Guru or Ishta Dev enters the seeker’s body with his subtle body and enlightens it. Initially, the seeker realizes that there is someone around who walks with him invisibly. Sometimes a fragrance, sometimes a touch, sometimes a sound can be heard, which will not be known to any person around, no real reason will be seen for them. After this, when this practice becomes firm, no body part moves fast on its own, does not stop even when trying to stop and remain a pleasure at that time, these types of experiences occur. Then the seeker thinks what is it? Is there anything wrong in spiritual practice? Is it the effect of some divine power or demonic power? So the answer is that if the right limb is shaken then it should be understood that there is the influence of divine power and if the left limb is shaken then it should be understood that devilish power has an effect and it wants to enter the body. Also, if there is bliss then understand that the divine power wants to enter. But if the eyes turn red due to anger, there is a feeling of restlessness in the mind, then one should understand that there is demonic power. In this way, when it is identified, if it has demonic power, it should be stopped by force. For this, pray to God and Guru to protect us from this demonic power and remove him away from us forever. If you have divine power, then you will soon find out who they are and what you should do next.

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