There have been many teams that over the years have been taking part in the excellent Indian Premier League of cricket. Of course, to make an online bet on on all of those squads is always an excellent prospect.

The Punjab Kings are an excellent cricket team from India. Since their foundation, back in 2008, they have participated in all the moments at which the IPL has been held. They have delivered some excellent performances by playing at Mohali, in the state of Punjab.

Right now, 1xBet online bet on the site offers chances to wager on the Punjab Kings and all the other squads that are part of the Indian Premier League.

Some names behind the Punjab Kings

The creation of the Indian Premier League, a Twenty20 format cricket league launched by cricket’s governing body in India, BCCI, was announced in September 2007. On January 24, 2008, those who obtained the eight franchises were finally revealed to India and the rest of the world. After that, people from India and the rest of the world could take advantage of the incredible betting rate cricket available on 1xBet. Several personalities are part of the ownership of the squad. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Preity Zinta;
  • and Ness Wadia.

With these personalities behind the team, it is not really strange that it quickly became one of the most popular squads of its kind in India and the rest of the subcontinent. To take advantage of the 1xBet betting rate cricket on the platform is definitely a great idea.

A financial powerhouse

On February 20, seventy-seven internationals or former internationals from teams from India, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and South Africa were “auctioned” with the eight franchises. With those names, making wagers at was definitely going to be an excellent idea. The franchise that offers the highest salary for a player engages him in its workforce. Franchises are required to spend a total of between US $3.3 million and the US $5 million in annual salaries on these auctions.

The Mohali franchise has previously been awarded in the person of Yuvraj Singh an “icon player”, a player obliged to play for the franchise of his region of origin and who is guaranteed to receive a salary of 15% higher than the second-highest team salary. He is one of the five IPL players to have this status. Mohali’s franchise recruits Irfan Pathan with a salary of US $925,000 per season, which earns Yuvraj Singh US $1,063,750 per season and makes him the fifth highest paid player in the IPL in 2008. People should really visit 1xBet to wager on the Punjab Kings now.

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