The job of a cricket umpire

In addition to coaches and players, cricket also has other kinds of individuals involved in its matches. You can place a bet 1xBet on all the aspects that surround this highly entertaining discipline.

Another crucial group of people are the umpires. As it is the case with any other sport, their job is to make sure that games are played in a fair manner for both squads. It is important to avoid confusing umpires and referees. The latter are officials who are in charge of international contests, however, they don’t take any kind of action in the course of a match. The 1xBet website is the best place to make a bet on many cricket matches from all over the world.

Different numbers of officials per game

A cricket match can be played without issues with just two umpires. Normally, they are located at the extremes of the cricket pitch. However, in Test matches there might be up to four umpires. Each one has different tasks. The betting platform is an amazing website to wager on Test contests.

When there are four officials in the field, their job looks as follows:

  • the first and second umpires do their normal job, which is to be located in the opposite sides of the pitch;
  • the third umpire takes care of video replays, and discusses controversial plays with the other officials;
  • the fourth umpire makes sure that the cricket balls are in a good condition, and also assists the other umpires in any other thing they might need.

The 1xBet website can be also used in order to wager on all decisions taken by these officials. Normally, the job of the first and second umpires is done by people from neutral countries in international matches. However, the home side may provide the third and fourth officials.

Relationship between the umpires and the referee

As previously said, the cricket umpires shouldn’t be confused with the cricket referee. They perform substantially different tasks. Just like cricket, kabaddi is another sport where crucial decisions are made, and is the best site to bet on it.

The job of the referee can be described as a person who has a more general overview of the game. He doesn’t intervene in every single action taking place in the match. However, referees must ensure that the code of conduct of the sport is being followed.

The Elite Panel of Referees is the entity in charge to select referees for One-Day International and Test matches. These two kinds of cricket events are featured at the 1xBet website, where punters can place all kinds of wagers.

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