Your job can take up a lot of your time, particularly if you are in a full-time role. When you do clock off at the end of the day, you might prefer to spend your time indulging in your hobbies, seeing your friends and family, or putting your feet up with a cup of coffee and relaxing. These are all excellent ways to spend your free time and it is important to make sure that you can unwind and have fun for the sake of your wellbeing. 

With all of this in mind, the idea of studying for a degree or taking part in some other educational course alongside your job might be off-putting, and, indeed, it isn’t for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits to doing this that could be worthwhile. 

So, is studying while you work worth it? Here are a few of the key reasons why it might be.

An Opportunity to Develop Your Skills

One of the best reasons why studying alongside your career can be useful to you is that it allows you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop your skills, provided you take a relevant course that is related to what you currently do, or to the career you would like to switch to in future. You can utilize your learning to help improve your performance and perhaps even boost your confidence in your current job role. 

It’s a New Challenge 

If you are feeling as though you want to take on new challenges, studying for a degree or other qualification can certainly offer that – particularly if you are working at the same time. You might find that you are coasting in your current role. While you can read books and other resources on the topic, studying in an educational program can give you deeper insights and a better understanding of the subject overall. You will have to manage your time effectively, and push yourself to do some further reading for your assignments as well as meet those deadlines. If you are looking for a bit more of a challenging endeavor, then studying while working can certainly meet those needs.

Exploring Your Interests

Another benefit to studying while you work is that it can be a good way to explore your interests, whether they are related to your current career or not. You might find that taking these educational courses could open up more possibilities for you in the future, whether that is a career change or engaging in volunteering opportunities that might interest you, or getting involved in other groups that focus on the subject that you’re interested in. 

It Can be Flexible

A lot of people might be put off studying while they are working because they worry it will interfere with their current work schedules. While some courses might require you to take mornings or afternoons off to attend classes, there are more flexible options available to you so that you don’t have to worry about making changes to your current hours or losing out on wages. Courses such as this doctor of business administration online will require you to put in hours of studying, but you don’t have to do this during your work hours. Your studying will be home-based and provided you meet your deadlines for assignments and complete modules within the set time frame, you can make your studies work around other commitments you may have. This is a much more flexible approach to studying while working, and can be hugely beneficial to those who might have previously been apprehensive about pursuing further education due to their work schedules.

It Can Be Cost-effective

It’s important to note that any educational course you will enroll in, particularly degree programs, will come at a cost. However, if you do your research, you could find a course that is more cost-effective than others, and online courses are usually cheaper than if you were to attend a university in the more traditional sense. Therefore, if it has been the expense that you have been worried about, this could be a better option for you. In addition to this, working while you study does allow you the opportunity to continue earning while you complete your qualification, so you won’t need to worry about giving up your income to complete your degree. However, before you do enroll in any kind of course you should always work out your current financial position to determine whether or not this will be a viable option for you.

So, is it worth it?

Whether or not studying while you work will be worth it will depend on your goals and your current circumstances. There are certainly benefits, like the ones listed above, to pursuing an education along with continuing your career that many people will consider making this a worthwhile effort. However, there are various factors that you will have to think about, such as whether or not you have the motivation to dedicate yourself to your studies, or realistically have the time to do so when you consider other commitments you might already have outside the office, such as looking after children or other family members, for example. 

You should also consider what your plans will be after you complete your educational course and how you intend to utilize these new qualifications, such as implementing what you have learned into your current working methods or perhaps continuing with your education in a higher-level program. Having some idea of how you want to use your education before you get started can be useful as this can help to keep you on the right track and stay motivated.

While studying as you work can be a big challenge, it might also prove to be one of the best decisions you have made as it could lead to interesting opportunities for you later in life, whether that is to do with your career or another path that your new knowledge can lead you down. If you’re still not sure, take the time to do some further research into the pros and cons of doing this to help you make a more informed decision. 

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